5 White Foods That You Have To Eliminate From Your Diet To Lose Weight Faster

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5 White Foods That You Have To Eliminate From Your Diet To Lose Weight Faster
5 White Foods That You Have To Eliminate From Your Diet To Lose Weight Faster
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08Which white foods do I have to eliminate from my meals? You probably remember how easy it was to lose weight when you were under 20 years old, enough to feel good about yourself in just a week. That's a thing for the past! Lack of exercise and not having a healthy diet indicated for your body are two reasons why you don't lose weight fast, but they are well known. Some of the ones you may not have known are: hormonal changes and not sleeping well.

When your life progresses; that is, you reach the age of 30, 40 or more, hormonal changes take place and the metabolism prevents you from burning calories with the ease that your body did when you were younger. You will notice it because fat begins to accumulate in your abdomen and even your appetite increases. The way to combat this condition and avoid gaining weight is by increasing the consumption of fruits, fish and cereals, recommends the University of Pittsburgh in one of its research.

And why does not sleeping well prevent me from losing weight? Stress and not getting enough rest have a lot of influence, revealed a study carried out over 16 years in which 70 thousand women participated. The conclusions showed that those who slept less than five hours a day were up to 30% more likely to gain more than 13 kilos than those who rested at least seven.


But, there are also specifically WHITE foods that are not your best friends to lose weight. Find out what they are and start to eliminate or reduce them in your meals. You will notice changes and you will motivate yourself to such an extent that when you realize that some of your clothes are already within your options of outfits, you will want to eradicate them completely. Do it!

1. Rice

You will be alarmed when you find out that consuming five or more servings of white rice a week increases the chances of diabetes by up to 17%, a study by Harvard University with more than 40 thousand men and more than 157 thousand women.

2. Sea salt

The salt you use in your kitchen retains fluids, making you bloat more than usual, increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, since you generally consume 8 to 20 times more than you should.

In an article in El Confidencial it is mentioned that salt is responsible for hydrating cells, hence the need for you to consume a teaspoon of sodium per day in your daily meals. However, it is advisable to put a stop to foods such as sausages, popcorn, sauces and dressings because they are rich in this seasoning


3. Flour

The pastries are addictive and better not to mention the pizza, but they are empty calories that, in addition to preventing weight loss, cause fatty liver and increase the chances of having blood sugar.

Starting today, choose to eat whole wheat or rye bread, before traditional white square bread or any other type.


Pasteurized milk goes through demanding processes that destroy beneficial bacteria for your body, as well as enzymes. Even this milk that you drink daily and that you buy in the supermarket is a source of cholesterol and natural fats. Furthermore, it is related to diabetes and osteoporosis.


5. Refined sugar

Personally I tell you, I almost eliminated - I only use it in my coffee - completely the sugar from my meals and it has led me to lose weight considerably. I understood it after reading an article that explains that when you do it you produce less fat and calories, by reducing your consumption.

The World Health Organization recommends reducing daily consumption by less than 5%; that is, six teaspoons a day in total.

Why does sugar become addictive?

Because it activates the areas of the brain that produce pleasure and its addiction is similar to alcohol or some drugs.

  • It encourages you to eat much more, which makes you eat more calories than your body needs. This prevents you from losing weight.
  • Its high presence in the body nullifies components in the bones, such as calcium, zinc or magnesium.

Reducing or eliminating sugar almost completely from your diet will make you lose weight and you will look younger. Two reasons enough to want to say goodbye.


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