Do You Want To Lose Weight? The Slim Down Challenge Makes You Lose Weight In Just 21 Days (VIDEO)

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Do You Want To Lose Weight? The Slim Down Challenge Makes You Lose Weight In Just 21 Days (VIDEO)
Do You Want To Lose Weight? The Slim Down Challenge Makes You Lose Weight In Just 21 Days (VIDEO)
Video: Do You Want To Lose Weight? The Slim Down Challenge Makes You Lose Weight In Just 21 Days (VIDEO)
Video: Fat Blaster Cardio | Dream Body Challenge 21 Days | Simple Moves Beginners Friendly 2023, February

Can you imagine losing weight in just 21 days? The slim down challenge makes it possible. Before starting this cardio workout, adopt some simple tips in your daily diet, which will make you feel healthier and help you lose weight in no time. Apply them for great results!

1. Breakfast MUST be nutritious

Eggs, fruits, cheese … something! The important thing is that your body receives some nutritious food first thing in the day so that the metabolism works correctly.

According to research by the National Weight Control Registry with 5,000 patients, those who ate a healthy breakfast every day lost up to 30 kilos (66 pounds) in 5 years.

The explanation is because it provides energy to the body and does not allow it to accumulate fat, instead it begins to work with that food that you provide. On the contrary, it is necessary that the dinner is light so that you do not accumulate fat while you rest.

2. Eat more foods rich in omega 3

Salmon and tuna speed up metabolism, in addition to regulating blood sugar levels. However, the most beneficial thing of all is that it reduces the resistance of leptin, a hormone that facilitates weight loss.

Flaxseed oil, chia seeds, walnuts, sardines, soybeans, caviar, oysters, and anchovies are also great omega 3-rich food choices that you are free to add to your healthy diet.

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3. Don't cut calories completely

One mistake you often make is to completely eliminate carbohydrates like rice, wheat, corn, fruits, legumes and cereals because they are responsible for giving you energy.

Experts at the site Better with Health explain that when the body realizes that you give it fewer calories, it begins to accumulate fat to increase its energy reserves. Therefore, eating more accelerates metabolism, as long as you choose healthy and nutrient-dense foods.

4. Keep away foods rich in trans fats

And what are those? Trans fats are found in foods industrially made with vegetable oils, such as snacks, potato chips, sticks, cookies, cereal bars, empanadas and precooked products, hamburgers, among others.

The recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) is that if you eat them, they represent only 1% of the daily calories ingested.

5. Add intensity to exercise with slim down

Caring for what you eat and exercising are two fundamental requirements to reduce size. When you add intensity to the physical activity you do, the body consumes more energy, strengthens the cells' ability to regenerate and helps them to have more oxygenation. To do this, you have the option of resorting to various techniques, including slim down, an intense cardio routine for beginners that will make you lose weight in 21 days (3 weeks). Ready to start?

This challenge is made up of 3 periods of exercises. Start with a 6-exercise circuit to eliminate calories and speed up metabolism. You will burn the excess fat from your body !, says the Deporlovers instructor.

Keep in mind that you have to repeat the complete circuit 3 times, rest 30 seconds after each exercise and repeat this routine 3 times during the week.

Now yes, ready for the second part? During the second intense cardio workout, you will perform the following 6 exercises, do 3 repetitions, rest 20 seconds between each exercise, and do this routine 3 times per week.

The third part of this routine you have to follow here. Although you need to swipe your card, please note that for less than embed / B0vFTrb0ZGDf2 "frameborder =" 0 "allowfullscreen =" allowfullscreen ">


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