How To Speed Up Metabolism And Lose Weight Without Diets

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How To Speed Up Metabolism And Lose Weight Without Diets
How To Speed Up Metabolism And Lose Weight Without Diets
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How can I speed up the metabolism to lose weight without dieting? When you hear talk of "slow" or fast metabolism, it refers to the speed with which the body performs all its functions, specifically the speed with which it processes food.

To explain better, it is a physical and chemical process that occurs in cells that converts nutrients from food into the energy necessary for the body to fulfill its vital functions; for example, breathing, circulating blood, maintaining body temperature, digestion, as well as eliminating waste through urine and faeces.

Now, how do you know if your metabolism is slow or fast?


When this is slow, the most common signs according to Eat This, Not That magazine are: tiredness, dry skin, forgetful mind, headache, hair loss, you are always cold, you gain weight and you have difficulty losing it, so as loss of sexual desire.

Other signs that tend to occur are dark circles, insomnia, acne, swelling in the hands and feet, constipation, gas and heartburn.

However, if the metabolism is fast, it consumes energy more quickly and in greater quantity during the day. If you are of this type, you will notice that you are always hot because this process uses more energy and doing so produces a thermogenic effect and consequently increases the body temperature. You also have more energy, it is usual that hunger is a constant battle, you do not gain weight easily, but when you do it it concentrates on the abdominal area, it is because you are fast metabolism.

What should I do to speed up metabolism and have better health?


To speed up that metabolism that allows you to burn fat and lose weight, you need to change your routine and replace foods that do not provide nutrients with foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and everything that makes it work properly, recommends the nutritionist Yolanda García on her site Nutrition and Health.

This same expert offers you other ways to speed up your metabolism so that you lose weight without dieting. What you have to do is modify what you eat every day.

Water as the main drink: Drinking a sufficient quantity -8 glasses a day or more- is a simple way to speed up digestion and burn calories

2. Eat 6 times a day: Realize that the specialist is not asking you to reduce your meal times, but rather to increase them with small amounts. When this happens, the metabolism accelerates because it is always active and does not sleep.

3. Includes foods that favor the process: Such as tuna, grapefruit and grapefruit, but also pineapple, parsley, water or coconut oil, apple, chicken, egg, among others.

4. Compulsory breakfast: For something they call it the main meal of the day! Not skipping breakfast is the golden rule because it is responsible for "waking up" the metabolism. In addition, the body regulates blood sugar levels better and does not have the need to "save" energy in the form of fat.

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In this first meal time drink coffee because it is a stimulant that increases energy and concentration.

5. Eat spicy: The spicy ingredients make metabolism faster and even have anti-cancer properties.

From now on when you decide to lose weight, analyze why not start with the metabolism so that it has a higher speed and burns fat just by modifying what you eat and without dieting. Apply exercise too!

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