How To Choose Exercise And Diet According To Your Personality

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How To Choose Exercise And Diet According To Your Personality
How To Choose Exercise And Diet According To Your Personality
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In the same way that you choose your professional career, your clothes and your musical tastes according to your personality, it is ideal to choose the type of exercise and diet that best suits you, so that you can stick to them constantly and continuously to see your results

A study at Concord University in Montreal examined the issue and concluded that personality has a correlation with physical activity. This essay sheds light on how we can know which exercise is best for us and which one we are more likely to stick with for longer.

In summary, here are some examples that can help you:

Vigorous Personality: You might get bored too quickly, so boxing, zumba, rappelling, skiing, or dance classes would be ideal.

Sociable personality: Group exercises are the best for you, including spinning, dance therapy, and sports such as soccer, baseball, and volleyball.

Organized Personality: If you are methodical and orderly, the best exercises for you are yoga, karate, pilates, gymnastics or swimming.

Lazy Personality: If you're having trouble exercising, you can start by walking about 10 minutes three to four times a week, going up and down stairs, or dancing to your favorite songs at home.

Daring personality: If you want to feel the adrenaline, then train for marathons, do mountain biking or boxing.

Regarding diet, it is important to know what your attitudes are regarding food to find the one that benefits you the most.

Anxious Personality: You should always eat breakfast to avoid anxiety spikes during the day. It is also important that you make a healthy snack (a fruit or nuts) and that you dine (a lean protein with salad, or a broth) a little later so as not to rob the fridge at midnight.

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Not energetic personality: It is important that you give your body energy-giving foods, such as fruits (pear, melon, apple), lean red meat, and vegetables. You can also consume a little oatmeal in the morning and walnuts during the day (moderately).

Creative Personality: Incredible as it may seem, creatives have a hard time sticking to a rigid diet because they are always thinking about all the options they have. Therefore, it is important that your diet is varied and that you combine the allowed foods in many ways (there are a thousand ways to prepare a healthy chicken breast).

So, with this information, look for that exercise and diet that you like the most and that best combines with your personality traits.

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