10 Habits You Do Daily That Prevent You From Eliminating Abdominal Fat

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10 Habits You Do Daily That Prevent You From Eliminating Abdominal Fat
10 Habits You Do Daily That Prevent You From Eliminating Abdominal Fat
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Although you may not have realized it, there are some habits that you commit daily and prevent you from eliminating the fat that accumulates in the abdomen

Not eating breakfast and eating only ligth foods are two daily habits that could explain why you have not been able to eliminate abdominal fat, which leads to an increased risk of diabetes or high blood pressure, says nutritionist Fiona Tuck. Discover eight other daily factors that keep you from losing fat, even though you try hard in the gym.

1. Zero exercise

Lawyer, writer, systems engineer, secretary, assistant manager … in any profession, you need to spend most of the time sitting in front of the computer, which prevents you from eliminating abdominal fat if you also do not comply with a plan for exercise to lose weight. To do this, you need to follow a weekly routine of at least 150 minutes.

In your goal to stop being sedentary you also have to include a healthy diet. Try to get 30% of the calories you eat throughout the day from protein, and also eat more raw vegetables so you burn off that localized fat in no time.

Research from the University of Colorado concluded that people who suffer from this problem tend to lose weight faster if they eat a diet rich in protein and healthy fats.

2. Reveal

If you are 20 years old, you will know that it is easy for you to party, get home after 2 am and then go out to work or study at 8 am It is normal! However, if you reached 30, you know that this hectic routine changed, as well as your responsibilities and priorities.

The medical recommendation to sleep eight hours a day is that this is the ideal time for the metabolism to work and to increase the levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for keeping stress at bay. Also, if you rest during that period, you balance the levels of leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite.


3. "Forget" to eat

Understand that skipping the mandatory meals of the day will not make you lose abdominal fat! Natursan experts explain that when you do not make any food, you cause an increase in the production of insulin, so the greater the quantity, the greater the sensation of appetite and therefore, the more hungry you will be. It is recommended that your body receive food five times a day so that the metabolism works constantly and the feeling of appetite is reduced, the one that often leads you to rummage through the pantry for foods such as sweets, sodas, snacks, among others.

4. Do not eat vegetables or fruits

Like legumes, oats, and fish, these foods are excellent abdominal fat burners. Being rich in fiber and minerals, they help your body to stay hydrated and thus avoid resorting to processed foods, such as sausages.


5. Drink soft drinks every day

Fizzy or not, all of them are rich in sugars and cause the metabolism to work faster, triggering overweight.

6. Don't take care of what you eat

Worse even if you leave home without breakfast because when you get to the office you will want to eat everything that should be prohibited, such as packaged food. These prevent you from eliminating that abdominal fat because they are rich in chemicals, sugar and other components that make you gain a few pounds.

Opt for foods that in addition to feeding burn the fat located in your belly, according to Better with Health. These are: green apple, celery, banana, avocado, fish and tomato.


7. Eat snacks between meals

I know that mainly after dinner the body usually asks for something sweet or even salty, it happens to me. But doctors advise before reaching into a bag of snacks, eat a snack between meals. Snacks are small portions of food that are eaten mid-morning or afternoon to decrease appetite, helping you burn fat because your metabolism stays active. For example: low-calorie yogurt with a chopped apple or a two-piece wholemeal sandwich, 30 grams of panela cheese, mustard, and vegetables to taste.

8. Feeling a lot of stress

Surely you have experienced anxiety about eating everything in your refrigerator in a time of stress. The terrible thing about it all is that what satisfies your hunger are those foods high in calories, such as sweets, french fries, pizza, hamburgers or hot dogs. Soothe that feeling with just a glass of water or even think that exercising will make you forget your worries for a long time.


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