5 Tibetan Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger (VIDEO)

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5 Tibetan Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger (VIDEO)
5 Tibetan Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger (VIDEO)
Video: 5 Tibetan Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger (VIDEO)
Video: The Five Tibetan Rites | SRMD Yoga 2023, February

With the 5 Tibetan exercises you will learn today you will rejuvenate your appearance

All of them have become popular on YouTube and other platforms after Peter Kelder published his book The Tibetan Secret of Eternal Youth - best seller for decades -, in which he points out that Tibetans used this program to rejuvenate themselves, have a more life long, healthy and vibrant.

The author claims that these were revealed by Colonel Brandford, the pseudonym of a man who traveled to Tibet, where he discovered the unique training. The list of benefits is very wide, yes, to enjoy all of them it is necessary to be constant; that is, that you adopt them as a daily habit, because that is the key to their effectiveness. These are:


You look younger

2. You manage to have a deeper sleep.

3. Help wake up in the morning refreshed and full of energy.

4. Relieves joint pain.

5. Improve memory.

6. Relieves arthritis.

7. It helps to lose weight.

8. Improve vision.

9. Improve physical strength and endurance.

10. It improves the feeling of well-being and harmony.

Why are they so effective?

A publication from the Vida Lúcida site explains that several doctors claim that everything depends on the perspective of each person who practices them, but they agree that the also known 5 Tibetan exercises of eternal youth help to exercise the body, emotions and mind. For their part, Tibetans ensure that they rejuvenate, activate and stimulate the glands of the endocrine system.

And how do I do the routine? Some recommendations before starting

First week: Ok, to start you have to do each exercise 3 times. Comply with this rule if you are a healthy person who constantly practices some physical activity.

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Are you overweight ?: If you are a person who does little exercise, is overweight or has health problems, do one of the first three exercises every day. Avoid exercises 4 and 5 until you feel you have greater strength and endurance.

For your comfort: Although they are simple exercises, their execution will depend a lot on the comfort you feel when doing them. The idea is that during the first week you do 1 exercise out of each of the 5; 2 the following week and so on until 3. In total there are 21 repetitions of each. Do not go over there because it could cause an imbalance, experts say.

Before breakfast: For greater benefits, it is recommended to follow this routine before breakfast. It won't take you 10 minutes and you will feel completely renewed throughout the day.

Get exercise

Now yes, the time has come to move. With the help of a yoga mat or on a soft surface, with your sportswear and tennis, learn this routine that will make you feel and look much younger.

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