6 Major Dangers Of Drunkorexia

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6 Major Dangers Of Drunkorexia
6 Major Dangers Of Drunkorexia
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Is drunkorexia a diet that could endanger your life?

It is very normal that we are aware of the calories that the foods we eat have, especially now that summer is approaching and we want to look spectacular. Thus, we also find out what has more fat, what has more sugar, and we can decide how much to eat or drink of each thing. And there is nothing wrong with that; on the contrary, it helps us to be more careful with what we put on our plate and to avoid that the balance gives us an unpleasant surprise. But lately, some people, especially young people and in many cases university women, are adopting a dangerous tendency, known as drunkorexia (from “drunk” and “anorexia”), to be able to consume alcoholic beverages without gaining weight: they are giving up eating.

In addition to skipping meals, people with drunkorexia or alcoholexia, as it is known in Spanish, take laxatives and do exercises to compensate for excess alcohol consumption. According to experts, this eating disorder does not even achieve the proposed goal, because not all calories are equal, but it does constitute a threat to well-being and health.

Here we share with you some of the possible damages of drunkorexia:

Put life in danger

Those who drink on an empty stomach get drunk faster and lose control, making them more at risk of accidents.

Brain involvement

Excessive alcohol consumption causes cognitive damage that affects the ability to concentrate.

Excess food

For one thing, when someone is too hungry they don't control their impulses and eat too much, which can lead to bulimia. And on the other hand, the feeling of guilt for eating too much leads to resorting to vomiting to return what has been eaten.

Violent behaviors

Drinking excessively without adequate food increases the risk of people becoming aggressive, even in their sexual relationships.

Damage to the organism

The lack of calories and nutrients deprives the organs of the elements they need. The liver suffers the most, especially in the case of women although we consume less alcohol.

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This behavior can lead to a more serious eating disorder or a serious substance abuse problem.

A University of Florida study found that college students who were more physically active tended to drink large amounts of alcohol more frequently than those who didn't exercise as much. And in fact, a previous study revealed that 16% of university students who answered the survey had acknowledged that they limited calories to drink, something that was three times more common among girls. The reasons behind this behavior? Avoid gaining weight, get drunk faster, and save the money you would spend on food to use to buy alcoholic beverages.

If you identify with the behavior we've outlined here, check with your doctor, find support groups, and try to do activities that don't involve alcohol. Your body will thank you.

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