6 Signals Your Body Sends When The Health Of Your Vagina Is NOT Good

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6 Signals Your Body Sends When The Health Of Your Vagina Is NOT Good
6 Signals Your Body Sends When The Health Of Your Vagina Is NOT Good
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How annoying it is to suffer from a vaginal infection! One of the reasons you suffer from it is because perhaps after having non-urine sex. As well? Of course, when you are intimate, the bacteria that are in the genital area and the rectum accumulate in the urethra, which unleashes cystitis or infection in the bladder. Ideally, to prevent it, urinate 45 minutes after penetration. But, the health of your vagina is also not good when you suffer from these symptoms:

1. bad smell

First alert! You already know that your intimate area has a very common smell; however, when it becomes penetrating (similar to the smell of fish) it is a sign that you have an infection. The explanation of why it develops is because there is an overproduction of bacteria and an unbalanced pH. If added to this you notice that the discharge has a greenish color, it is because it could be a sexually transmitted disease.

2. Burning when urinating

It occurs when you have a urinary infection such as cystitis. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the other symptoms are:

Imperious and constant need to urinate

  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Frequent urination in small amounts
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  • Cloudy, strong-smelling urine
  • Pelvic discomfort
  • Feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen
  • Low fever

When you feel burning when you urinate, it is because you are possibly a sexually active woman, which causes the same friction during sex, the use of condoms and even sex toys cause irritation.


3. Vaginal dryness

For "bad" of us, the lubrication capacity at 20 is NOT the same after 45 years. You have already heard your mother say that this problem has deteriorated her sex life, which has led her to resort to water or oil-based lubricants. There is a solution for everything! And it is that according to the gynecology specialists themselves, vaginal dryness causes discomfort during intercourse, so if it is not solved, you even have problems with your partner.

Those who suffer from it are generally women who are in the process of menopause; However, you are not immune to it either because it also occurs through the use of intimate soaps, douches, towels or tampons and even the detergent with which you wash your thongs, boxers and threads.

4. Itching

That uncomfortable! Surely it has happened to you that the same itching becomes unbearable and difficult to control. The clearest sign is that uncontrollable itching, but also the presence in your underwear of an abnormal flow similar to cottage cheese. It is usually removed with antibiotics and taking care that zone V remains clean.


5. Bleeding

And we are not talking about menstrual, but about that which occurs after sex. Some of the causes that cause you to have it are the use of contraceptives that create maladjustments or even cancer in the ovaries, cervix or uterus.

6. Pain during sex

The clitoris is the organ of pleasure par excellence because when stimulated an orgasmic response is triggered in a matter of minutes. The bad thing is when your partner stimulates it through oral sex, using fingers or vibrators and you feel pain, which prevents your sexual relationship from being satisfactory.


If you detect any of these symptoms, go to your trusted doctor and solve your problem. Leading a healthy intimate life is necessary for your personal and sexual comfort.

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