Could Drinking 2 Glasses Of Wine Before Bed Help You Lose Weight?

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Could Drinking 2 Glasses Of Wine Before Bed Help You Lose Weight?
Could Drinking 2 Glasses Of Wine Before Bed Help You Lose Weight?
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It is more than clear that the formula to lose weight and, above all, maintain good health is to eat a healthy diet and exercise. But going for drinks like red wine, which is scientifically proven to lose weight, is not a bad idea at all.

We do not say it, he studied it and ratified an investigation of the University of Purdue, Indiana. Scientists say that this delicious drink that you accompany with red meat or take alone is made up of piceatannol, an ingredient that "slows down" the formation of fat cells in your body and reduces existing ones. In short, wine is one of the best foods for weight loss.

The diet that makes you lose 6 kilos

Nutritionist Rubén Bravo created a balanced diet and through the portal Cultura Colectiva made it known. It includes adequate amounts of wine to drink at night and reduce size. Take into account before starting it that the ideal is that you consult a nutritionist to assess whether you are suitable to do it.


Now, let's get down to business! Dr. Bravo's diet will lose between 4 and 6 kilos and you need to include the following foods, including wine.


Whole wheat bread

A whole egg


1 fruit (pear, strawberries, apple or orange).

Tip: Avoid eating mango and melon because they contain a lot of sugar and this is transformed into calories.



Fish or meat

1 glass of wine of 150 ml

Tip: Skip the bread at noon.


Vegetable or chicken broth

Meat or seafood

1 glass of wine of 150 ml (men should have two glasses)

Maximum 2 drinks per night, NO MORE

One of the reasons why you should have even 2 glasses of wine before bed is because it makes you feel satisfied, which helps you not feel like getting up to open the refrigerator at midnight to see “what's up”.

Even that dose of 2 glasses maximum has also been recommended by Harvard University, after studying a sample of 20,000 women for more than 13 years. They concluded that those who drank two glasses of wine a day reduced the chances of obesity, as well as diseases related to being overweight. Likewise, the University of Washington ensures that wine also contains resveratrol, a chemical that transforms fats and processes food better while you sleep.


To give you an idea, a glass of white wine contains 125 calories; one of red, 135 compared to a slice of cake that has 235. The difference is noticeable!

Accompanying red meats, cheeses, salami and other snacks with red wine facilitates the digestive process, helps to avoid fat accumulation and allows you to have a restful rest. If you lose weight and make you sleep better, why should you resist?


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