Diet Detoxify Labor Day

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Diet Detoxify Labor Day
Diet Detoxify Labor Day
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Surely you are taking advantage of the last days of summer and you have spent this festive weekend of Labor Day enjoying the outdoors, sharing with friends and family at barbecues or picnics and eating all those things that are delicious for the palate, but not so healthy for your body.. But it happens that just like you need to disconnect from work and charge the batteries, your body also needs from time to time a kind of general cleaning to eliminate or reduce accumulated toxins.

Lately, several detoxification methods have become fashionable, in addition to proposing changes in the elements of the diet and even fasting, they sometimes come to include enemas with coffee and other ingredients and cleansing herbs. But if you're not excited about the idea of ​​spending the day on water or tea, you can launch a detox offensive yourself. First, you should eat in moderation and not consume alcohol, caffeinated beverages, sweets, or chocolates. Then you can temporarily incorporate the foods from this list of superheroes. Oh, and drink plenty of water!

Purifying foods:

Garlic and ginger

To the flavor and versatility that they bring to the kitchen, its properties to strengthen the immune system are added. Two of the liver's best friends, help you eliminate excess fat

Grapefruit (grapefruit) and lemon

Not only do they burn fat, but their juices rich in nutrients and fibers put the detoxification process at full speed.

olive oil

The best option among all fats is one of the ingredients in many liver cleansing formulas. Helps shed gallstones.


It converts toxins into a substance that the body removes easily.

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6 ways to detoxify your body naturally


They improve the functioning of the liver by increasing the production of digestive juices that break down food for assimilation.

Cabbage (cabbage)

It not only cleanses the liver, but also the "stomach": by avoiding constipation it helps to expel toxins.


In addition to fighting aging, being diuretics and anticancer, they are an excellent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent.

Kale, watercress, algae

In addition to the abundance of nutrients and antioxidants that these green leaves contain, they help cleanse the kidneys.

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