Everything You Need To Know About Your Period

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Period
Everything You Need To Know About Your Period
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Here we explain everything you should know about menstruation, from how to calm menstrual pain naturally, to why it is better to use organic tampons

The rule is more complicated for some than for others, but luckily, the advances of science, and the tendency to eliminate impurities and toxins, come to our aid. Take note:

1. menstrual pain

These can be controlled, and even avoided, with natural remedies:

  1. Reduce fat intake and eat more fruits and vegetables during menstruation.
  2. Some types of tea relieve menstrual pain, but others can have the effect of estrogen. Check with your doctor first.
  3. Vitamin B1 and fish oil. These supplements reduce the discomforts of the period.

2.Organic buffers

Tampons and pads are made from plastics, cellulose, wood pulp, and other chemicals. Also the natural cotton used in its manufacture is grown with pesticides. If you don't want to expose your vagina to toxic substances, opt for organic tampons; Although they are more expensive, they are organic cotton, chlorine-free and also biodegradable.

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6 simple tips to remove menstruation stains from underwear

3. Irregular periods

There are many factors that can cause menstrual irregularities, such as weight gain and loss, excess exercise, poor diet, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco, as well as various diseases and medications. But there are also home remedies to help maintain a normal cycle. Ginger, cinnamon, sesame seeds, aloe vera, and green papaya are some of the natural agents for menstrual regulation.

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