How To Protect Your Eyes From Blue Lights

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How To Protect Your Eyes From Blue Lights
How To Protect Your Eyes From Blue Lights
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There is no doubt that everything in excess hurts and the blue lights (LEDs) that we are exposed to when we use the computer and / or cell phones is no exception

Let's talk about some recommendations we can follow to minimize damage. This is possible not only by changing our behavior in front of these equipment, but also by feeding ourselves correctly to provide our eyes with the necessary nutrients and that can counteract the damage caused by excess exposure to these lights.

It is important that we know that LED light affects our sight, since it emits white light with a high content of radiation from the blue band, which is the culprit of wear. However, this does not mean that these lights are not good, we simply have to protect ourselves properly when we are going to be exposed to them.

Let's start with the behavioral changes that we must implement:

Take your eyes off the monitor from time to time

When we spend too much time in front of the computer, our eyes get tired and our eyes become dry. To avoid this, you should rest for even a few minutes, focusing on a distant object for 30 seconds. As far as you can, give him a rest a day a week too.

Minimize glare from screens

Computers and mobiles are usually extremely bright, which affects our vision and this causes us to be dazzled and make us squint to see correctly, tensing them. To avoid this, try to lower the brightness and light levels of your screens.

Wear an eye protector

Eye protectors are very useful when we are exposed to treatments in which LED lights are used. We know that these lights have become very popular in the beauty and anti-aging industry; however, it is important that you protect your eyes so that you do not expose them to them. "LED lights offer us many benefits in anti-aging and skin care treatments," said Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, known as "The Alchemist of Beauty"; However, she pointed out that we should not expose ourselves to these treatments without the proper protection in our eyes.

Lubricate your eyes

Try to use lubricating eye drops periodically when you are exposed to these lights for long periods of time.

Eat correctly thinking about the health of your eyes

Try to include zinc-rich foods in your diet, these are especially recommended for the eyes, said Leonella González, holistic health coach and creator of Health Living by Leonella.

For example:

Beans, peas, and peanuts, which help strengthen eyesight from light damage.

  • Vitamin A and nutrients like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin are great allies to keep eyes healthy longer.
  • An example of these are: carrots, spinach, watercress, alfalfa, parsley, barley, green peas, corn, kiwi, oranges, and mango.

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