What Is Teatox? Does It Really Work To Lose Weight?

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What Is Teatox? Does It Really Work To Lose Weight?
What Is Teatox? Does It Really Work To Lose Weight?
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Teatox is a type of tea-based detox. It is a method that seeks to eliminate toxins through the consumption of two teas or natural infusions a day to improve gastrointestinal function, eliminate inflammation and improve the appearance of the skin

With regard to whether they work to lose weight, research by Maastricht University ensures that drinking tea is a way to eliminate those extra pounds and thus have a healthy weight.

Teatoxes are made from natural herbs and leaves that are also found in Chinese teas. Next, an example of the functionalities that some of these teas:

Rosella: Cleanses the colon, has a digestive and diuretic effect.

Fruits of Roses: They are a source of vitamin A and C, they help to reduce inflammation of the skin.

Dandelion tea: removes water from the body and deflates.

White teas: They ensure that it reduces the formation of fat cells.

Oolong: Burns calories even hours after drinking it.

Pu-erh: Helps to reduce fats in the blood.

Green tea: Contains antioxidants that fight aging and improves the appearance of the skin. Adding lemon increases the detox effect.

Do not abuse your consumption

At least, this is what the United States National Institute of Health considers, stating that when cleaning the gastrointestinal tract there is an increased risk of suffering from stomach irritation, colic and diarrhea. Nor do I recommend practicing teatox for more than two weeks.

Another risk is to retain fluid, which will cause the body to swell and be noticed in the extremities such as feet and hands.

It is also important not to overdo it because, although it detoxifies the body, it can make you lose a lot of weight to such an extent that it unleashes some health problem later, specialists say.

Healthy diet and exercise ALWAYS

Keep in mind that drinking this type of tea is not enough for you to lose weight completely. For best results, you need to adopt a healthy diet rich in protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, spices, and exercise. The basis of losing weight is adopting a lifestyle with the help of a nutritionist, a specialist who will be able to know after having a check-up on the amount of nutrients your body needs to achieve your goal of losing weight to look and feel good. There is no beyond!

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