See The Advantages Of Walking After Eating

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See The Advantages Of Walking After Eating
See The Advantages Of Walking After Eating
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Let's do an exercise. What do you do after lunch or dinner? You will say that you stay chatting with your office colleagues, with your boy or perhaps catch up with your social networks. But why don't you go for a walk in that free time? It turns out that adopting this habit after eating has its benefits and today we are going to talk about them

1. You feel happier

Research from the University of Birmingham found after a study that walking 30 minutes after lunch makes you feel better. The research was published by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, and revealed that in just 10 weeks you may feel more relaxed, less stressed, and enthusiastic. And best of all, your mood improves during the afternoon.

2. Reduces the risk of diabetes

This conclusion was reached by the University of Washington, which confirmed that three short walks a day; that is, 15 minutes at a good pace works better than one of 45. The most effective is the walk you take after dinner because it improves blood sugar levels when insulin production is reduced. The most recommended thing is that if you eat dessert, you go out for a walk half an hour later because it is the time when glucose begins to flood the blood. Exercising helps the pancreas secrete insulin and clear the blood stream.

3. Prevent you from gaining weight

Because when your body starts moving, your metabolism speeds up, which makes you have a faster digestion and lose weight. Some other ways to make it faster, according to a publication in El Confidencial, is by building muscles, spinning, eating five meals a day, saying "yes" to the spicy, eating protein and drinking coffee.

4. Spades less

Italians call this simple healthy habit passeggiata and it consists of taking a walk specifically after the last meal of the day. Many already do it for culture, not knowing that just taking a 15-minute walk stops weight gain. This happens because it regulates the amount of sugar in the blood for the next 24 hours. You will notice this because the next day you will not have anxiety to open your refrigerator and look for the most caloric foods such as snacks, sausages, cake and other types of delicious, but unhealthy foods.

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5. Protect your heart

Did you know that you have to take at least 10,000 steps a day? That is the recommendation and the American Heart Academy endorses it, since it ensures that it lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease, in addition to making you burn 500 calories. Awesome!

6. You sleep better

Complying with light physical activity before going to bed will make it easier for you to rest, because in addition to relaxing your body, you also clear your mind. So after eating, go for a walk because it does your health good!

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