The Danger You Run When Wearing Padded Bra

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The Danger You Run When Wearing Padded Bra
The Danger You Run When Wearing Padded Bra
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You will be alarmed to know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the main cause of death for us Hispanics in the United States, hence the need for you to know why wearing a padded bra is dangerous to your health.

This disease that kills up to 100,000 women a year, according to the Pan American Health Organization, is believed to be caused by eating poorly and being sedentary. However, to these two reasons has been added the thesis that padded bras or push-up bras also have enormous responsibility.

It is not any type of filler, but a specific one made in China and showed by a young man on the internet, after he found out that his girlfriend used this type of garment that has a filler that contains small plastic balls inside of a liquid similar to silicone and that in some cases causes the appearance of red spots on the skin.

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Specialists warn that this type of bra that is advertised to increase the size of the breasts, and that therefore brings these plastic balls with an oily solution and that produce a massage effect, contain mineral oil derived from petroleum with hydrocarbon contaminants such as anthracene, benzopyrene, chrysene, coroneno and ovaleno, all tie with the appearance of cancer. It would be best if you check the bra you have in your closet to rule out any "intruder" of these!

Wearing a bra for more than 12 hours is life-threatening

Other research, such as the Journal of Research and Cancer Treatment, ensures that wearing a bra for more than 12 hours a day DOES cause breast cancer to appear.

This thesis is supported by the Bra and Breast Cancer Study, which found that women detected with the disease tended to wear tight bras longer than those who had not developed the disease.

It happens that when you wear a tight bra, you squeeze the breasts and close the pathways to the lymph nodes, causing fluid buildup, soft tissue, and cyst formation. And it is that your body flushes toxins through the lymphatic pathways and when that does not happen, that cleaning of waste is canceled.

Other reasons to drop the bra

In addition to these reasons why you should control the use of the bra more and why not think about throwing it out completely, other powerful reasons are added to give the letter of dismissal to this intimate garment:

Although it may seem untrue to you, it has been proven that using them day and night makes your breasts lose firmness faster, even more so if you use it for sleep because Cooper's ligaments and skin muscles, which are the natural support of this zone, they stop working and cause the fall. Free yourself and throw it in the closest corner of your room!

2. It causes allergies because, by sweating, it causes friction and itching.

3. The rods cause pain under the bust. Although they do mold, they are uncomfortable and painful.

4. The bra does not guarantee that your breasts will not sag in the long term.

5. Sleeping without a bra makes you feel free and you have a more restful sleep.

What other reasons would you add so that women would not wear the bra anymore?

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