Alternative Therapies Yes, But The Doctor Is The Boss

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Alternative Therapies Yes, But The Doctor Is The Boss
Alternative Therapies Yes, But The Doctor Is The Boss
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When we have a health condition, especially a chronic one, it is very natural to look for different remedies and solutions, particularly when what we are currently doing is not working well for us. We want to feel good and recover our quality of life! Despite all the progress that has been made within western or conventional medicine, we often find that the palliatives they offer us for chronic conditions treat the symptoms more than the cause of the disease itself. They certainly improve our quality of life, but the total cure may still be far away.

Here comes natural medicine or alternative therapies, and as its name implies, there are a series of treatments focused on helping the patient to recover his normal state of health. Within this set is naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, Indian ayurveda, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. I am particularly pleased to know that there are different options to improve health and that is precisely the objective of this article. Let's see then some of the advantages and disadvantages of these natural or alternative therapies.

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Alternative therapies seek balance within the body and general well-being, including mental, spiritual, emotional, social, rather than treating a disease or symptom on its own.

  • Although they also have side effects, they are generally milder than the adverse effects of chemical drugs.
  • Many times they are an excellent complement to traditional medical therapies, they can help enhance healing and serve as prevention.
  • They can be cheaper and more accessible than conventional medications or therapies.
  • Disadvantages:

    There is no scientific evidence to support its use or results.

    • They are not controlled by the regulatory authorities, so they do not offer guarantees in terms of safety and health.
    • They generally take much longer to take effect and are not appropriate to control emergencies.
    • Most health insurance does not cover them, so there is an additional cost to bear.

    My opinion is that both types of medicine, conventional and alternative, are important and can be used in a complementary way to achieve the best health results.

    Important final tip: alternative therapies can be very beneficial, but they are not harmless. Before undergoing any of them, or taking any supplement, it is essential that you consult the specialist doctor who is treating you, as they can interfere with your current protocols.

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