These Are The Fruits That Lose Weight The Most And Fatten The Most

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These Are The Fruits That Lose Weight The Most And Fatten The Most
These Are The Fruits That Lose Weight The Most And Fatten The Most
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Eating a fruit during breakfast, before exercise or before lunch and not after 8:00 pm will make you lose weight faster. Believe us yes, science has already proven it!

For example, doing it before the first meal in the morning will give you energy due to its high content of carbohydrates that will burn throughout the day; doing it before lunch will make you feel fuller and you will eat fewer calories; while not eating them after 20 hours will avoid that when the metabolism slows down it will cost you more to lose weight because the sugars are not digested correctly.

Now, what are the fruits that do not get fat and what are the ones that do?

Those that DO NOT get fat

1. Papaya, 27 calories

It is an exotic fruit easy to get in the supermarket. It is extremely sweet, rich in fiber, water and low in calories because for every 100 grams you consume only 27 calories. Very little! Eating it will not cause constipation problems either.

2. Watermelon, 45 calories

A rich slice of watermelon works great on a hot day and even better if you find out that it contains only 45 calories. Yes, 45 nothing more! If you are on a diet, take advantage of the fact that 90% of it is made of pure water, which will keep you hydrated. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins, fiber and hydrates. Eating it will keep you online!

3. Pineapple, 52 calories

It satisfies hunger, which makes it an appropriate food to consume while you intend to lose weight. It contains an important amount of vegetable and mineral proteins such as potassium, iodine and vitamins A, B and C. Eating it will make you feel satisfied because it is made up of 85% water.

4. Strawberry, 38 calories

When they tell you about strawberries, the first thing you think about is eating them with cream or condensed milk. Delicious! But to lose weight you need to eat them alone.

These little red fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Its high dose of fiber decreases the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates, while controlling blood sugar levels.

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5. Melon, 54 calories

It is made up of 92% water. Its consistency or orange "meat" contains water and fiber. It is recommended that if you want to eat something sweet, opt for a piece of melon rather than a treat because it will eliminate fats and toxins.

Fruits that DO get fat

1. Passion fruit, 100 calories

Passion fruit is very common to eat it as a soft drink or cheesecake. Although it is very rich in calcium, fiber, iron and vitamins A and C, its caloric intake will add 100 calories to your weight.

2. Banana, 100 calories

At breakfast, lunch, snack and even at dinner, at no meal time the banana tires. Its delicious flavor makes it a favorite fruit for many of us. The bad thing is that you should not overdo it because for every 100 grams it contains 100 calories. You cannot afford to eat a whole banana in one meal because it would be an abuse.

3. Prunes, 170 calories

In their dehydration process, they lose the water they contained and will give you 170 calories for every 100 grams you eat.

4. Raisins, 300 calories

Like dried prunes, dried grapes were once fresh dried fruits from which water was extracted, and from which high levels of sugars have been concentrated. Very caloric!

5. Coconut, 354 calories

If you have the habit of taking a piece of coconut and eating it as a snack, from now on you should veto it from the menu because it is one of the fruits that make you gain the most weight. Each time you eat, you will add 354 calories to your weight. Oh my God!

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