Foods You Should Avoid To Avoid Feeling Inflamed

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Foods You Should Avoid To Avoid Feeling Inflamed
Foods You Should Avoid To Avoid Feeling Inflamed
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If having a bloated stomach on a daily basis is normal for you, it is probably due to your diet and physical activity. In addition to leading an active life, abdominal inflammation can be combated if you stop consuming certain foods that cause heaviness, low energy and discomfort. Here we leave you a list of the foods that you should avoid to not have that feeling of inflammation, and incidentally, to feel better every day.

White flour

We are very sorry to give you this news but the cookies, the white bread, pasta, pizza, etc. They are foods that do not provide any nutrients to your body and cause slow digestion. This involves the formation of intestinal gases, which results in inflammation. As an option, you can consume wholemeal flours and try to make it during the first hours of the day so that your body has time to process them.

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Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage

Although these vegetables are beneficial to your health, they contain properties that are difficult to digest in the stomach. For this reason, while they are in the intestine they emit gases and, sometimes, abdominal pain. If you are a lover of these foods, consume a small amount accompanied by natural water to facilitate and accelerate digestion.


Surely you know that beans cause gas yes or yes, but there are other legumes such as chickpea that also generate such discomfort. Despite being very healthy, they contain sugars that are difficult to process, which causes heaviness in the belly, so if you are prone to this it is better to stay away from them.

Dairy products

The main reason many adults are lactose intolerant is because of its difficult-to-digest enzymes. This causes that the dairy need more time to be processed by our organism what generates that sensation of bloating and gases. If you can't get rid of dairy, try making it dairy-free, choose Greek-style yogurt, and opt for almond, coconut, or oat milk.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks cause gas in your body from the first drink, so a burp almost always comes right after you drink them. It is very likely that from the beginning you feel how your stomach is swelling, and the same thing happens with your intestines. Ah! And beer also falls into this category. As an alternative, opt for natural or homemade fruit water; so you eat nutrients and you feel lighter.

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