5 Activities To Exercise Without Going To The Gym

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5 Activities To Exercise Without Going To The Gym
5 Activities To Exercise Without Going To The Gym
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If you are one of the girls who does not enjoy going to the gym or does not love following class routines such as yoga or zumba, we have some very easy tips to follow so that you can exercise every day without going to the gym. Thus, you reactivate your body and you will see how your mood improves

Take the stairs

Surely you've heard this advice over and over again and the truth is easier said than done. Do not throw it on deaf ears and find that inner strength to force you not to take the elevator if you have one or four floors to go up or down. You will see how your legs and buttocks thank you. If you upload them two by two much better!

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Short walks

If you can't get to work on foot, try to take a walk of at least 30 minutes when you have free time. If you do it in the morning you will activate your senses, and if you do it at night it will help you to get rid of the stress of the day. It is always better to do it accompanied, although your favorite playlist can also be an excellent companion. For extra benefits, remember to keep your shoulders erect and your abdomen contracted.

Strengthen your cufflinks

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? Well, this is your chance to do a calf lift. You just have to stand on the balls of your feet, raising your heels as much as you can and lowering them without touching the floor. Repeat the movement at least 10 times, the series you can. You will immediately feel that muscular sensation that you have exercised.

Strengthen your arms

To exercise the tricep (the back of the arm that is usually more flaccid) you will only need a chair or low table. Stand with your back to it by making a 90-degree angle with your arms and keeping your legs extended or flexed. Then, raise and lower your hips about 15 times, WITHOUT straining your legs. This exercise is a classic for fitness lovers.

Oh push-ups

This is one of the most complete exercises that exists since it tones your arms, shoulders and chest. You do not need to do them on the floor, if you are a beginner you can do them on the wall or even on a chair or table. Put your arms straight on the surface and go up and down at least three sets of 10 repetitions each. Increase the repetitions and difficulty little by little so that your body becomes stronger.

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