6 Alerts That Indicate If You Are A Victim Of Machismo

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6 Alerts That Indicate If You Are A Victim Of Machismo
6 Alerts That Indicate If You Are A Victim Of Machismo
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In recent years, women have raised our voices against the injustices that we have experienced due to our mere feminine condition. Unfortunately, gender-based violence has been a constant in the lives of millions of women throughout history and, although today more is said about it in public, sexist behavior is far from being eradicated at its roots.

Gender-based violence is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “any act of gender-based violence that results or may result in physical, sexual or psychological harm to women (…) whether they occur in the public as well as private life”. Even the same organization reports that 1 in 3 women has suffered some type of physical or sexual violence, and that 38% of femicides are perpetrated by the couple.

That is, the next time you go out with your two best friends, think that at least one of you has suffered this type of assault.

Although this violence occurs in all social spheres, it is more common in love relationships; therefore, if you want to know if you are a victim of machismo, here is a list of the most common (from least to most dangerous) attitudes of a macho person. If you detect any in your relationship it's time to get alert!

There is no distribution of tasks

If they already live together, instead of dividing up household chores, let you do most of it all the time and he just 'helps' you with what you ask for. It does not matter if you work or not, it is always you who is in charge of cleaning, cooking, washing, etc.

Your day is more important

It does not stop mentioning the incredible and interesting adventures that happened during the day. He neither asks nor gives you time to speak, and when you do, he shows no interest or changes back to his subjects.

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It sentimentally hurts you

Whether it's humiliating jokes, blackmail, contempt, or jealousy, try your best to make yourself feel bad about the story. Ah! And no matter if they are in public or not, their hurtful comments are the order of the day.

Start controlling yourself

He proposes that you stop working even when they need the money; She forbids you to speak to certain people and you go out with your friends less and less because it bothers her; check your cell phone and social networks. At this stage, confinement and isolation become constant.

It touches you rough

Pushing, aggressive stroking, hitting "playing" and destroying personal items are becoming more common. He blames you for his tantrums.


Bullying becomes their way of controlling you. It threatens you with objects or weapons and there is a high degree of hitting; it also forces you to have sex.

If the degree of violence you experience threatens your physical well-being, it is important that you ask for help. There is a tool that helps you measure the degree of gender violence called 'Violentometer' created by the National Polytechnic Institute, in Mexico. We invite you to go through this link so that you can see it in its entirety. Your nationality does not matter. We want you happy and safe!


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