Get Fit Like Top Models With The Sakuma Method

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Get Fit Like Top Models With The Sakuma Method
Get Fit Like Top Models With The Sakuma Method
Video: Get Fit Like Top Models With The Sakuma Method
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Will five minutes of exercise a day be enough to tone your body and lose fat? According to Japanese author and fitness expert Kenichi Sakuma, yes. The Sakuma method is an innovative fitness regimen that Kenichi has tested with top models around the world, and whose book has already sold 2 million copies.

How does it work?

As a good Japanese, Kenichi starts from the premise of finding a body balance and correctly using your muscles to burn fat, especially those of the torso. In his book he proposes to make posture corrections by exercising five different muscles, for one minute each. During the first two weeks the author recommends doing the exercises daily, and after the third insert them with two days off.

Improve your diet

Kenichi Sakuma also proposes to modify your diet a little. Within its method, the most important thing is to consume quality proteins in abundance: eggs, lean meats, seafood, etc., you should have breakfast in the first 30 minutes after getting up and you will have to avoid processed foods. Simply put, eat healthy.


Within his book (same as you can find on Amazon), there is a series of exercises of which three stand out: exercising the shoulder blades, toning the buttocks and marking the curve of the waist. By performing them, you will stimulate fat loss and the toning of the most important muscles in the body, according to the author. Here we summarize them:

Exercise your lower body

This exercise involves lying on your stomach with your hands clasped behind the neck. In the starting position you should have your chin tucked around your neck and your torso slightly raised. Squeeze your legs together, and hold the pose for 10 seconds. For the next position, with your ankles now crossed, try lifting your legs and your torso at the same time. Hold the position for 10 seconds.

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9 ideas of light and healthy dishes (PHOTOS) Tone the buttocks

With this exercise you will tone your hips and thighs. Lying on your stomach again, cross your ankles and lift your legs at a 90-degree angle. Separate your knees from each other. Now, raise your legs without changing your position or bringing your knees together.

Mark that waist

This exercise is even easier than the previous ones. Sit on a surface that provides good support such as a chair or your bed. Put your arms out to your sides and start lifting your right leg and hip without moving your shoulders. Go down and repeat the other side. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

More than an exercise and diet routine, what the author shares is a change in habits that includes improving your body posture, your diet and exercising specific muscles that promote fat loss. We must not forget that any diet must be accompanied by healthy food and an active life for it to work. Remember that there are no miracles that make you lose weight overnight, everything is based on perseverance and good habits, but the advice of an expert never hurts.

Do you dare to try the Sakuma method?

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