5 Reasons Why Being A Gossip Benefits Your Mental Health

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5 Reasons Why Being A Gossip Benefits Your Mental Health
5 Reasons Why Being A Gossip Benefits Your Mental Health
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Various studies by experts in psychology have shown that gossip not only benefits the gossip (or gossip), but also helps the optimal development of society. Yes, as you read: being a gossip is good

However, one should not fall into the misunderstanding that gossip is talking bad things behind other people's backs. According to experts, we must first differentiate gossip from rumor. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), gossip is talking about things that are usually true; the rumor, meanwhile, may be about events or people and is more speculative, that is, they have very little truth.

A study published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal (SAGE) details that gossip people tend to be outgoing, are mostly women, and are of young age.

And why is it good to be a gossip? Well, here we mention some of the reasons:

It is therapeutic

Rather than talking about people who bother you, it is more common to 'gossip' about situations that you do not like. Therefore, gossiping is like a therapy in which you let off steam and you can express what makes you uncomfortable, which has a direct impact on your emotions and your mental state. Also, gossip can help you find a solution to any problem you have.

Encourage social unity

According to the APA, gossip is that glue that holds a group together and is a tool that helps people understand other realities. In fact, some psychologists suspect that our need to talk to each other (being gossiping, practically) may have been what led humanity to develop language.

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Promote personal growth

If we say that gossip is sharing any aspect of your personal life, you know that it does not always have a negative meaning. If you find out about something good that a person is doing, be it on a personal or professional level, it will surely motivate you to do the same. Improving your habits, initiating philanthropic actions or setting professional goals are an example.

Relieve the stress

If you find out something 'exciting' this has a direct impact on your heart rate. Talking about it reduces it and therefore reassures you. Thus, gossip helps reduce stress and anxiety.

It allows us to measure reality

If you are having a bad experience and think that no one else has ever had it, just ask a little for people to start sharing. This is also gossip … personal, but gossip after all, and subtly gives us a "reality check".

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