These Are The Wines With The Fewest Calories

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These Are The Wines With The Fewest Calories
These Are The Wines With The Fewest Calories
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If you are around 30 years old, surely one of your favorite drinks is wine. And the truth we understand you. There is nothing better than finishing a long day of work resting on your sofa and watching Netflix while you relax with a Cabernet glass

Whether rosé, white, sparkling or red, wine is the perfect drink as it is the ideal accompaniment for a business lunch, a celebration or simply to end a chaotic day. However, when it comes time to go on a diet, drinking wine can have more disadvantages than advantages … yes, it all depends on the quantity.

It is well known that one of the healthiest diets in the world is the Mediterranean, and as you know, the favorite drink of this diet is wine. The properties provided by this drink greatly help to maintain a good cardiovascular state and reduce cholesterol levels. But do not forget that to have these benefits it must be just one drink a day!

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In addition, when you have a fitness goal it is good to take into account the wines that provide fewer calories.

My Fitness Pal, one of the most famous applications to control your calorie intake, reports on its blog that, first of all, to control calorie consumption you must know what is the correct portion of each wine. Regardless of its origin, an ideal serving of wine is 5 ounces, or 147.86 milliliters, more or less what they serve you in any restaurant or bar. Yes, although it has always seemed little to you.

So how many calories are in 5 ounces of wine?

Red wine: 125 calories

White wine: 120 calories

Rosé wine: 105 calories

Champagne: 107 calories

Remember that sweeter wines provide more calories. And if you are one of those who almost filled the glass, you will be ingesting the dreaded liquid calories … many and without realizing it.

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