Pussypedia: The Website That Tells You EVERYTHING About Your Vagina

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Pussypedia: The Website That Tells You EVERYTHING About Your Vagina
Pussypedia: The Website That Tells You EVERYTHING About Your Vagina
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Have you ever wondered what that flow is in your panties and why it changes? Do you know how to properly wash your vagina? Could you draw a picture of your clitoris? If you have a vagina and you answered no to any of the questions, or you want to know more about it, this article is for you

Despite being a primordial (and natural) part in the life of women, the vagina is still a taboo subject in our society, and even more so if we talk about the sexual aspect. This same aspect was what led the journalist Zoe Mendelson to investigate more about the vagina and it all started from seeking an answer to a simple question: Can all women have a squirt?

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6 signs that your body sends when the health of your vagina is not good

"How do we figure out that somehow we fucking landed on the moon, but can't we describe with certainty the body responsible for half the orgasms on the planet?" Asks Zoe Mendelson, editor-in-chief of Pussypedia, a portal that informs about each and every aspect of our vagina with friendly, clear and concise information.

Together with the visual artist María Conejo and a team of more than 200 collaborators, she created the portal pussypedia.net, an inclusive and easy-to-understand encyclopedia of the vagina available in English and Spanish. In it you find innumerable topics related to your vagina and its health … we assure you that you will find topics that you did not even know you were unaware of.

Tearing down taboos

"What is the only thing that is not taboo about the vagina? Maybe that is where babies come from…”with this statement, Zoe Mendelson recognizes that we still have a lot to learn about our vagina and therefore she works to offer the world information that becomes power over our bodies.

Vagina problems, reproduction, sex and masturbation, cervical fluids, clitoris, douches … and the list of topics goes on and on. Even, in pussypedia.net you can see an interactive 3D map with which you can identify each part of your vagina and other reproductive organs so that you can know its name, its function and its location.

"Most of what we learn from our bodies comes from a misogynistic cultural heritage and advertising that uses shame to sell us products that harm us and limit our ability to enjoy sex and, often, our personal value," says Mendelson.

In fact, one of the data offered by pussypedia.net, and that is most striking, is related to the risks to women's health from using talc and douches. According to their figures, the chances of ovarian cancer are 1.3 times higher in women who use talc. For their part, those who use douches are 1.7 times more likely to develop bacterial vaginosis. And still, these products are found in any pharmacy and without medical warnings.

Project in development

It was just this year when pussypedia.net was launched and, as of the closing of this article, there had been 268 thousand visits to the web. Also, the most read article (by far) is the one that talks about the vaginal discharge that stains our panties.

Do you want to know more about your pussy? We invite you to shop around pussypedia.net to learn more about how to take care of her and how to pamper her. Also, if you are interested in contributing on the web, you can help with translation, data verification or source gathering. Everything to improve the available information and bring it closer to those who need it.

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