How To Make Peace With Your Past?

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How To Make Peace With Your Past?
How To Make Peace With Your Past?
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Let go of the past. A phrase so easy to say but, many times, almost impossible to achieve. A challenge for many that, if not achieved, leaves us stuck in a lethargy of situations that no longer have a solution.

Why is it so difficult for us to let go of people who are no longer in our present or situations that have no turning back?

The clinical psychologist, Daniela Urrea Blanco, spoke with Siempre Mujer about the importance of learning to let go of the past and regain control over your life and your thoughts so that you can rewrite your history.

Why are we prone to stay tied to the past ?

In the words of the expert, the past builds our structure as human beings and it is what has made us what we are today; and that same history is what has made us organize our lives. However, situations come in which we lose control and let ourselves be carried away by that feeling of wanting to change something that has already happened. It is then when our mind stagnates and does not allow us to advance in our current projects.

How do I know if I should make peace with my past?

As the psychologist explains, it is something you feel and live. “It is very common to think about what could have been and what we could have done better. However, if this is a recurring thought and it interferes with your daily life, be it in the family, social or couple sphere, it is time to stop along the way and analyze what is not letting us move forward.”

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How do I begin to reconcile with my past?

"The first step is to accept that the situation that marked you will not change." As much as you think about it and wish that this moment had been different, it is impossible to go back.

"The second step is to understand that although we do not have the power to transform the past, we can transform our thoughts and feelings about the present." Choose what is truly important to you and how you want to tell your story. Remember that you build your own path and by wanting to rewrite your life you are taking control of it.

The third step is not mandatory, but if you feel that rewriting your life is something you cannot do alone, you should seek help. “Surround yourself with people who have a better narrative of the situation than you; They can give you a different perspective of what you experienced and can help you build your story differently. " Don't forget either that you can go to a psychologist so that you have an objective and professional look.

How do we free ourselves from nostalgia for the past?

Surround yourself with people who love you, they can take you away from those feelings and allow you to see life with different eyes and other emotions. Go back to the practices that have helped you in other critical moments; maybe meditate, get closer to art, travel, etc. Listen to your inner voice and believe it. No one better than you knows what is best for you and your life.

What do I do if I am currently in this situation?

“Learn from the past, it is your guide to build a good future. But remember, if you want different results you must do different things. Decide how you want to tell your story and take the strength of all the love around you. You are stronger than you think!”

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