The Best Exercises For Your Pelvic Floor

The Best Exercises For Your Pelvic Floor
The Best Exercises For Your Pelvic Floor
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Wrongly, not much attention is usually paid, but the truth is that the pelvic floor is one of the most important areas of the body and you have to exercise it. You must pay attention especially if you have urinary incontinence, are pregnant or enter menopause: "Exercises of the muscles of the pelvic floor are mandatory if you want to maintain a pleasant sexual life and without discomfort caused by the lack of firmness in this area”, As confirmed in Diario Femenino.

Experts define it as “a set of muscles and ligaments that close the abdominal cavity in its lower part. Its function is to hold the pelvic organs (bladder and urethra, uterus and vagina, and rectum) in the proper position because their normal functioning depends on it”.

Thus, the first thing to do is identify the state of the muscles:

1- Get comfortable with your thighs, buttocks and relaxed abdomen.

2- As a practice, when urinating try to stop the urine in the middle and then release it again. Do it no more than once a week. If you can't bear it, talk to your doctor.


1- Tighten and contract the part of the vagina, the anus and the urethra, at the same time. As if they were trying to suck something into you. Hold the contraction and count to five until you release and relax

2- Between contraction and contraction, rest 10 seconds.

3- Repeat this cycle a maximum of 8 or 10 contractions and then do 5 to 10 quick contractions.

4- They should repeat these exercises 4 or 5 times daily.

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Also, did you know that orgasm is one of the best exercises for the pelvic floor? And it is that as confirmed by the experts, “the tension of the pubococcygeal muscle that occurs in that same phase, without having yet reached orgasm, acts as a training for this muscle. Strengthening this muscle will produce more intense orgasms with faster and more intense contractions of the pelvic area. During an intense orgasm, there are 10 to 15 involuntary and rhythmic contractions per second of the muscles of the pelvic floor, the vagina, the uterus and the anal sphincter”.

If you have any questions, consult your doctor, he is the most suitable person to explain the operation and importance of the pelvic floor.

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