Importance Of Breakfast And How To Make It Healthier

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Importance Of Breakfast And How To Make It Healthier
Importance Of Breakfast And How To Make It Healthier
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Do you know that breakfast plays a fundamental role in your diet?

"Eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince, and eat like a poor man." This is one of those sayings that perfectly reflects the distribution of daily meals. Both for health and aesthetics. According to the Nutrition and Health portal, “after a good night's rest, blood sugar (glucose) levels are very low. You have been without food for 6-10 hours. Your body is basically empty in the morning. Eating breakfast breaks the fast and replenishes glucose levels and you have to remember that glucose is the body's energy source.”

Also, a good breakfast supposes energy for the brain and the muscles. The better this meal, the better we will function throughout the day: “Eating breakfast gives you energy, increasing physical activity during the day. Skipping breakfast is associated with decreased physical activity.”

What should a healthy breakfast be like?

Natural juices from fruits and vegetables.

  • Whole grains consisting of oats, barley, quinoa … Avoid refined cereals.
  • Lots of fruit and nuts. Rich in vitamin D and great for our brain.
  • Dairy: There are several studies that suggest that dairy should be avoided and "there is talk of the negative effects of milk: Intolerance, inflammation, migraines, acidify the blood, offer mucus to the colon … If you also have respiratory problems, such as asthma or allergies Dairy compounds exacerbate this reality. You can replace them with soy milk and even almond milk”.
  • Sausages: They must be low in fat, such as turkey or ham. Chorizo ​​or salami contain a lot of fat and it is better to avoid them.

It is important to say that the experts point out that "other basic elements of breakfast can also be added: fats (oil, butter, margarine, pate …), meat, fish or eggs (tuna, omelette), vegetables and greens (tomato, lettuce, onion…), sugars (sugar, jam, honey, cocoa cream and others)”.

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If in addition sport is a must in your day to day, in the morning, as soon as you get up, you should eat something before. Even if it is a small amount and then replenish yourself with something stronger. Do not subject your body to high training without giving it energy before.

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