How To Celebrate Halloween Without Excess

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How To Celebrate Halloween Without Excess
How To Celebrate Halloween Without Excess
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One of the sweetest celebrations of the year is just around the corner and with it the intake of calories, sugars and junk food can skyrocket without you noticing

Although it may seem impossible to get out of the trick or treat well, here are some ideas that can help you have a Halloween without excess. It doesn't matter if you are single or have children, healthy options can always be adapted to everyone.

The American Heart Association has issued a series of recommendations that you can follow to have a very healthy Halloween.

Sugar-free snacks

If you are going to have a party at your house, try to serve food that is healthy instead of the typical sugar-filled snacks. Some options are dark chocolate, fruit, sugar-free jellies, natural drinks, and whole-grain bread or cookies. You can also offer nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or frozen yogurt popsicles.


Surely you will find soft drinks, teas and other sugary drinks everywhere during Halloween. To considerably reduce the consumption of unnecessary calories, opt for natural water, drinks made with mineral water or unsweetened teas. We also recommend fruit drinks such as watermelon, melon or guava.

Turning to alcoholic beverages, remember that beer, rum and gin are some of the drinks with the highest caloric intake and this can increase depending on the mixture you use. As an option, you can opt for vodka or tequila with mineral water and a little lemon.

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Move on

If you plan to go out to ask for trick or treat, leave your car in the parking lot and better walk. Do not forget to bring water and comfortable shoes so you can walk smoothly. If you have children, you can incorporate activities such as dancing and running which will help them keep moving and activate their bodies.

Take care of the portions

If you or your children couldn't refuse some sweets, the key is in the amount they eat. Do not allow them to eat all the snacks they want, better give them to choose one at a time. Another recommendation of the American Heart Association is to have a healthy meal before leaving to celebrate Halloween so that your children do not feel the need to devour all the sweets.

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