8 Reasons You're Gaining Weight Even On A Diet

8 Reasons You're Gaining Weight Even On A Diet
8 Reasons You're Gaining Weight Even On A Diet
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Have you ever wondered why you keep gaining weight, even on a diet, over and over again? Aren't they able to follow a weight loss plan and leave it after a few days? Surely this sounds familiar to you and many times you have been frustrated by not achieving the goals set when it comes to losing weight. This is somewhat more common than you think. Yes, believe it or not, the percentage of people who fail to lose weight is very high and it may be because they do things that they think are good for losing weight and actually do the opposite effect. Incredible but true.

For this and much more, today we want to help you a little and we are going to tell you the 8 reasons why you could be gaining weight, even if you are dieting. Is any of what they do listed? Check it out!

1. They are not eating enough!

Not eating enough is at the top of the reasons why diets fail. A huge mistake is thinking that we have to starve to lose weight. Well, they have to know that, by not eating, they make your body think that it is not going to receive enough food, and just in case, it keeps what it has in its tanks, in case it gives them for not eating in a while. Conclusion: they make the metabolism slow down and therefore burn less calories, so losing weight becomes much more difficult.

2. They skip some food

Usually, it happens that when they skip some food, they come to the next one much more hungry and eat more than they need. That's right, so the ideal is to make 5 meals a day varied and lesser.

3. They are being too strict

Too strict or drastic diets can cause mood swings, headaches, body discomfort, mental fatigue, irritability, digestive problems, difficulties in thinking… All of this makes them feel horrible after a few days or weeks and abandon the diet because they can't anymore. That's right! For this reason, they must eat a balanced diet that makes them feel full of energy and, above all, happy.

4. They don't sleep enough

Even if it looks like a lie. Thanks to many studies, it is known that while you are sleeping, your body releases hormones that burn fat and accelerate weight loss. In other words, if they try to sleep a little more, it will do them good in every way.

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5. Your diet limps

Some diets radically restrict some foods, something that is totally wrong. Although carbohydrates have more calories, it is necessary to consume them in their proper measure. You can eat them cooked in a healthy way and in smaller amounts … but never remove them entirely. If they are training, they can eat these foods on those days and on rest days opt for more protein and vegetables.

6.How do they train? o How do they “not” train?

Indeed, if they are the ones that do not move anything, clearly this does not help much when it comes to losing weight. They don't have to be super athletes, but they do have to do continuous, moderate and varied exercise throughout the week. Dance, ride a bike, run, do weights or whatever you like … but move on! On the other hand, if they are the ones who only do cardio (for example, running) and do not touch a weight … they are not doing it well either. They have to know that weight training, in addition to helping build muscle, increases metabolism and therefore burns calories. Conclusion: Do a combined weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

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7. They drink too many sugary drinks

They should keep in mind that, in addition to carbonated drinks, there are other liquids that also contribute calories, such as fruit juices, smoothies, coffee or tea when you add sugar, and they do not even notice it. We recommend that you try to reduce the consumption of these liquids and go into the water.

8. They don't control portion sizes

It usually happens: although what they are ingesting is very healthy, if they consume it in a large quantity, it can make them gain weight. A clear example is fruit. A very healthy food but if you eat it in large quantities, it will provide you with a lot of fructose, which will also make you gain calories. Conclusion: varied diet and in moderate portions.

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