Dance Routine To Burn Fat In 10 Minutes (VIDEO)

Dance Routine To Burn Fat In 10 Minutes (VIDEO)
Dance Routine To Burn Fat In 10 Minutes (VIDEO)
Video: Dance Routine To Burn Fat In 10 Minutes (VIDEO)
Video: Work Out: Dance to Burn Fat | Danielle Peazer 2023, February

If you have been looking for a weight loss routine for months without realizing it, without much effort and fun, then what you should do is put on your favorite song and turn up the volume. Get your hips moving because dancing burns the same calories as swimming, biking, or running.

Other reasons why you should adopt dancing as an exercise routine is because you free yourself from stress, muscles tone, improvements in balance and coordination. Even, data from the Hello Doctor portal indicate that you can burn up to 400 calories, since one session is equivalent to traveling five miles. It is really surprising!

Options to dance you will find many in your city. There are them from gyms that program complete classes to rooms to go at night in the company of your partner. It doesn't matter if you accompany your routine with Zumba Campaign, by Don Omar, or Caballito de palo, by Joseph Fonseca, the really interesting thing is that you burn calories and stay in shape.

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If you prefer to stay at home to enjoy a dance or zumba class alone or because your time is limited, you have to follow certain tips to have a better result. Apply them!

1.Move the armchairs in your house to leave a comfortable and wide space where you can move without problem.

2. Dancing is like any other exercise in which you require soft textured clothing for comfort.

3. We already gave you two alternatives of music, but you can also dance to the rhythm of La b icicleta or El taxi.

4. Do not be sad if the steps do not come out in the first because little by little they will start to turn out better.

5. When you start your dance, don't let anything interrupt you; that is, do not take phone calls, plan so that the care of your children is safe while you exercise and put yourself in mode: burn calories.

6. Perform a warm-up before and after to avoid injury. You could do this given by the instructor Zin Inés Aranos or this also by instructor Andrea Urreta.

Now yes, ready and prepared follow this routine of tonobaile 5 with Patry Jordán. There are only nine easy steps with which you can have maximum fun, lose weight and exercise your muscles. The coach's recommendation is to do it two to three times a week. To dance!

To lose weight and have an enviable body, all you need is the attitude to do it. For you there does not have to be an impossible because if you propose to work your arms, abdomen and legs, in a short time you will enjoy having a fit appearance. Put on your sportswear and tennis, build your dance space and be disciplined to get results in one or two months. When you go to put on your outfits, you will realize that all that effort was worth it.

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