Beautiful Skin This Summer

Beautiful Skin This Summer
Beautiful Skin This Summer
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Heat, humidity, salt water, and chlorine take its

toll on your skin during hot months. Pay attention to the tips

that the beautician Reneé Rouleau shared with us so

that you preserve the beauty and care of your skin this season.

-Use sunscreen daily. 78% of the sun damage that

occurs in a lifetime is caused by incidental exposure to the sun. Try the Renee

Rouleau Daily Protection SPF 30.

-Avoid a hair conditioner that has panthenol as

it tends to saturate the pores of the skin. Exfoliate your back three times a

week or use the Renee Rouleau Tea tree Anti-Blemish Lotion.

-Do not use bar soaps because they remove the natural oils

from your skin and dehydrate it. Try the Renee Rouelau Gentle Gel Cleanser.

- Avoid dairy products if you get a lot of pimples in

the jaw and chin area. Cut back on cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice cream.

-Pour cold yogurt on the sunburn, instead of a

cream. The skin has to breathe to let out the heat, and the yogurt

works as an anti-inflammatory.

- Did you know that most of the aging on the hands

(wrinkles and blemishes) occurs when you drive? A hand cream like Age Shiled Hand Cream SPF 30 by Neutrogena is a


- Store your beauty products in the refrigerator if your

skin suffers from rosacea. The cold will contract the capillary veins preventing them

from looking redder. Try the Renee Rouleau Eldelberry Toner.

- Put on products with antioxidants and eat foods that

contain them. These will provide your

skin with the necessary protection to combat free radicals that accelerate

aging. Try the Renee Rouleau Vitamin C Complex.

-Do not count only with sunscreen. In addition to

applying it several times a day, wear a hat and goggles with protection. Remember, if you want to

look young, avoid sunbathing. There is no harmless quantity. A

little sun means a little damage and a lot of sun means a lot of damage.

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