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Who does not keep in their

childhood memories the image of typical Johnson's talc and baby oil? We all

somehow grew up with Johnson's products in our homes. Now, however, these

products can continue to serve us in our daily beauty routine thanks

to the following tips:

-Johnson's talc contains

ingredients that prevent sweat and help you feel fresher. It

can even be used as a deodorant.

-You can also use it in

shoes to avoid sweat in that area, as well as bad odor. If you prefer a

refreshing scent on the feet, try Cucumber Melon or Lavender Chamomille.

-When you are on the beach

and your feet are full of sand, use the powder and you will see how you get rid of it

in minutes.

-Johnson's Baby Gel Oil is

famous for keeping skin moisturized by applying it

after showering or after a day at the beach. It also helps maintain a tan and is ideal

for removing eye makeup (even more when it comes to

waterproof products).

-According to The Black Book of

Hollywood Beauty Secrets, which includes beauty secrets from the stars, artists

like Nicole Kidman use gel baby oil to soften lips, hands and elbows, and to fix shadows.

-According to US Weekly, hairdresser

Amanda Bynes uses talc to remove shine from hair. You put a little in

your hands and run it through your hair. The oils will be absorbed and the hairstyle will

look like it has just been done.

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