Eye With Expired Makeup

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Eye With Expired Makeup
Eye With Expired Makeup
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"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," the saying goes, but this is not so when it comes to wearing expired makeup. All products for your skin, including makeup, have an expiration date and it is very important to keep an eye on when it is to avoid unpleasant surprises. Just as you would not eat a chicken from months ago, you should not put expired makeup on your skin that could result in an unpleasant experience.

The vast majority of women tend to accumulate countless cosmetic products, the vast majority of which we rarely use. If when you open your cosmetic drawer you find something that you have not used for a long time, check it well before applying it, because if it has expired it can cause deep damage to your skin.

The test

Check the expiration date on makeup, which is usually printed on the packaging or label.

  • If it does not have an expiration date, put a little of the product on your finger or a tissue and make sure that the texture and consistency are adequate (in the case of bases, for example, they should not look watered down.)
  • Smell it, as it happens with any other perishable product, expired makeup usually has a bad smell.
  • Check the color to make sure it is the original; If the color has changed, it is time to throw your makeup away.
  • For your benefit, products like mascara and nail polish dry on expiration, so don't try to revive them.
  • In general, try to remember when you bought your makeup and do not use it after its expiration date: the base is one year old, lipsticks and glosses last about a year, shadows and powders up to two years and eyeliners and mascara three months.
  • Always use the best quality makeup.

Risks of wearing expired makeup include: eye infections, skin irritations and allergies, and mercury poisoning that can lead to memory loss, irritability, cough, and lung conditions.

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