Lose Weight Effortlessly

Lose Weight Effortlessly
Lose Weight Effortlessly
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Whether you are about to attend your best friend's wedding, a beautiful man has just entered your office, you have been invited to a vacation to the Caribbean or simply have a time of fight with the image you see of yourself in the Mirror, the truth is that all of us are concerned with maintaining a slim figure that makes us feel comfortable and incidentally attracts one or another gaze.

However, not all of us have the time or the money to keep a personal trainer or a private chef calm, that does not mean that we cannot keep fit with the tools at hand. Follow these tips to stay in shape without major sacrifices:

Drink water - Drinking water is one of the simplest and healthiest things you can do. You have access to it in your house, in the drinking fountains of the parks, in your office, college or university. In addition to helping you lose weight, drinking water improves your circulation, the functioning of your digestive system, keeps your energy level high and helps you maintain healthy skin. If you are like me and do not like simple water much, you can opt for sparkling water, flavored water or even make your own fruit and water teas at home to have a refreshing drink all day.

By the way refrain from drinking liquid calories such as sodas, processed fruit juices and generally high-sugar drinks. If you want to sweeten your tea or coffee, choose options such as honey or splendor.

Walk - It is one of the best exercises you can do and not only is it free but it can save you money. An average driver in the United States spends about $ 1,800 a year on gasoline. For their part, residents of cities such as New York and Chicago spend between letters.

Go for the stairs - Ever since stair lifts were invented, cobwebs have come out. There is always an excuse for not using them, although all of them cover up the reality of laziness, it is time to use them again as a strategy to lose weight. Climbing and descending stairs radically improves circulation, strengthens the leg and tail muscles and makes them look firm and shapely.

Play with your children - Growing children are full of energy and curiosity, instead of sitting for hours in front of the TV screen, play with them. Depending on the weather, they can carry out activities inside and outside the house in which they run, dance and move. You will be burning calories and losing weight, while stimulating the healthy growth of your children.

Go dancing with your partner- Staying at home watching a movie can be very romantic, but being stimulated by dancing is not only romantic and fun, it will help you stay in shape. Choose a club or concert of your favorite music and dance, she told herself.

Choose your battles - While it is true that maintaining a diet based on whole carbohydrates, vegetables, fresh meats and fruits is the ideal, we all have our weak side. Don't refrain from what you like, just don't overdo it. If you like chocolate give yourself the pleasure of enjoying it once a week, the same if you are a fan of pasta or pizza. If you start denying yourself all the pleasures you will not only get bitter but you will be tempted to get rid of what you like the next time. Now if you are going out to dinner and ate a plate of pasta a la marinara with a good glass of wine, say no to dessert and this will avoid excess calories. As much as possible, order “light” versions of your favorite desserts.

Junk Food - If you are a lover of french fries and hamburgers try to consume them in small quantities and ideally after doing an aerobic activity, this will help you burn the calories consumed and lose weight.

Avoid extreme diets - The result of starving yourself for a couple of weeks can be temporary weight loss and can bring you great health conditions.

First of all be realistic, each one of us has a certain contexture so let's avoid trying to look like catwalk models and love our beautiful body.

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