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Latina Plastic Surgeon
Latina Plastic Surgeon
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He is not Hispanic, but he is close to being Hispanic. He speaks Spanish and is the founder of Yager Esthetics I Estética, a plastic surgery center for the Hispanic community, in Washington Heights, New York. In addition to this center, Dr. Yager has the YSpa, a medical spa offering the latest in non-surgical treatments. With him we talked about the beauty ideals of Latinas, the most popular surgeries and the alternative of aesthetic treatments that will leave you like new.

1- What brought you closer to the Latino community?

During my medical residency at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, a large portion of the patients were Spanish-speaking. Every week, in emergencies, we saw cases of patients with complications from surgeries abroad. It was very common to see infections, exposed implants, burns and open wounds. I learned that high prices were not the only reason patients did not undergo plastic surgery in the United States. They told me: "The doctors here don't speak Spanish", and having a nurse to translate was not the same. Or also: "Doctors in the US do not understand the ideals of Latin beauty," and when they went to a center they were not comfortable not being able to relate to other patients. I decided that if I opened a first-class center in the Hispanic community,With bilingual staff and materials in Spanish, these problems could be avoided.

2- Why do Latinas opt so often for plastic surgery?

They have unique beauty ideals and cultural differences that make Hispanic plastic surgery a true subspecialty. For the Hispanic patient, beauty is extremely important, and achieving the desired body is a priority. They are not ashamed of plastic surgery, and they are proud to share their experiences with friends and family. Curves are paramount, and not having guys when you wear a tight dress to go dancing is very important.

3- When can it become an obsession?

Some people need multiple plastic surgeries to achieve the results they are looking for. If the patient is physically and psychologically prepared for the operations, if he has realistic expectations and understands the risks, then he is safe and healthy. If what the patient wants to change about his body is out of proportion or close to the deformity or his expectations are too high, I do not accept the patient and sometimes suggest psychological therapy.

4- What do you think about vanity tourism?

It's not a good idea. Although doctors abroad can be excellent and offer savings, it is very difficult to verify the credentials of someone outside the country. Even if the procedure went well, if you have any complications from any cause, it will be more difficult to access a hospital without medical coverage in that country. Likewise, the possibility of having to extend your stay due to any complication must be taken into account, which ends up affecting your work and your family.

5- What surgeries do your Latina clients ask for the most?

Liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift. I think it is due to the shape of the body and the curves linked to sexuality and self-esteem in culture. My patients with young children ask me for a Mommy Makeover.

"It is ideal for most blemishes, and Latin skin." Obagi NuDerm stain system.

6- What if one does not want to do the surgery?

Fortunately there are injections to improve appearance. For expression lines that are formed by moving facial muscles, such as the brow, forehead, and crow's feet, Botox or Dysport are quite effective. Results are seen in 3-5 days, and can last 4-6 months. For deeper lines, such as those from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth, fillers are used. The most popular at Yager Estética is Radiesse, an organic calcium-based paste that can fill the line with immediate results that last for about a year. For lip lines or fine facial lines, a hyaluronic acid gel such as Restylane or Juvederm is used. They're also great for the under-eye holes known as the tear ducts.

"It brightens the skin without hydroquinone, and it doesn't irritate." Moisturizing Topical Brightening Cream, by Lumixyl.

7- And what about the treatments?

For the face, we start with a computerized analysis of the skin where photos are taken in different lights to show the problem and create a non-surgical plan. There is a new laser treatment for small facial and capillary veins, as well as hair removal and skin tightening. SilkPeel is another advanced technology available that uses a wet dermabrasion technique combined with specific products for other conditions.

"It's amazing for fine lines, skin aging, and after laser or surgery," says Dr. Yager of Skin Medica's anti-aging moisturizer TNS Recovery Complex.

8- And for the rest of the body?

For the breasts, there are laser stretch mark reduction and skin tightening treatments, and for the body, very effective cellulite reduction treatments such as Endermologie and Velashape II. We have lasers to remove spider veins and hair, stretch mark treatments, and SilkPeel from the body.

"My first choice for incisions and skin after surgery," says Dr. Yager, about cocoa butter. Rich and Repairing Body Butter by Burt's Bees.

9- If you decide on surgery, how can you find a good doctor?

First, make sure it's a plastic surgeon certified by the United States Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS), and check at Second, make sure the doctor treats patients like you. Search the waiting room, look at the staff, and ask what percentage of the patients are Hispanic. Ask to be shown at least three before and after photos of the procedure you want on other patients similar to yourself. Ask how many surgeries of your procedure the doctor performed last year and how many do each week. Third, it verifies that the procedure is performed in an accredited center with a certified anesthesiologist and certified nurses. Finally, when you visit the office and meet the doctor and his staff,You will have a better perception of how the practice is and if it is reliable or not. Follow that instinct.

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