Makeup And Skin Care

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Makeup And Skin Care
Makeup And Skin Care
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Our readers, through Facebook, have asked us some questions about makeup and skincare. Read our makeup and beauty publishers' response to these concerns.

Anna Gray: What correction of blemishes and dark circles do you recommend?

Use a concealer that has a more liquid and light texture for dark circles. Creamy concealers do not stay around the eyes as they tend to be more greasy. Apply concealer from inside corner of eye out. Fit Me Concealer concealer, green staples. We have seen a smoky eye with a navy blue on someone with green eyes and it looked wonderful. Avoid green makeup, which will be too monochromatic for your eyes.

Leina Soto: For cellulite?

We have asked countless experts and they all say the same thing: there is no cream that will free you from the problem forever. However, some may temporarily reduce it. The key is to be meticulous with the application, follow the instructions and apply it every day without fail. Try a caffeine-containing treatment like Fatgirlslim, would they go any further?

It all depends on you, your skin, your color and your budget. Each brand has its advantages and products that make it better than others. If you want makeup that is for sensitive skin, Clinique is one of the best because all the products are hypoallergenic. If a color gamut is important to you, MAC has it. For a modest budget, elf has good deals.

Marbella Martínez: I would like to erase the acne marks. It is not much but it makes me feel bad. I am 29 years old

This is a very common problem. One of the most effective ingredients for blemishes is hydroquinone. If you don't have other spots, we recommend Neutrogena's Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel, Oil-Free Moisturizer, $ 10.

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