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Tanned Skin
Tanned Skin
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I have been sleeping for three days without air conditioning and although it costs me terribly I must accept it, the summer is over. With him go the short clothes, the outdoor concerts, the picnics and the tanned skins. If it happens to you like me, that by the middle of the season you already have fluorescent white skin, follow these tips to maintain a beautiful tan in the fall.

Air brush

This tanning technique consists of painting the entire body with a golden tone. To apply it, experts use a special airbrush. The process can take up to 45 minutes, plus another 25 to dry. Depending on the base color and the chemicals used, you will get a different shade. The tan lasts about 10 days.

Tanning creams

For those who do not have the budget for the above options, tanning creams offer an economical and practical alternative. It is recommended that you do an exfoliating treatment before applying the cream to obtain an even tone.

The application of these creams must be done uniformly and its results are noticed almost immediately and decreases with showers, swimming pools and friction. These creams come in many brands, and my favorite is Sublime Bronze by L'Oreal, which offers its cream, oil and foam versions.

Homemade oil

A recipe that I have used since I was little, before the full range of options came out, is carrot oil that also helps you to hide stretch marks. To prepare it, you must extract the juice from the carrot, either with an extractor or scratching the carrot and squeezing only the juice and mixing it with almond or olive oil. Do not blend the carrot with water because you will not be able to mix it with the oil. Apply this mixture on clean skin (ideally after the bath) and you will see the results in a couple of weeks. Since it does not have any type of chemical, it can be used every day.

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