Avoid Dry Hair

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Avoid Dry Hair
Avoid Dry Hair

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With the hairs on end! This is how almost all of us walk at this time of year: between the preparations for the end of the year festivities, the purchase of gifts, family visits and plans for the New Year we are not giving more. It is very normal that these days we forget to pay attention to ourselves and the dryness begins to take its victims. If you want to learn how to avoid dryness in your hair during the cold months, put the following tips to work.

Avoid washing your hair every day, the water not only dries the hair but you will be removing part of the natural oils produced by your scalp to keep your hair moisturized.

Use a light shampoo for your hair. A good option is the Shirmer Lights by Clairol Professional and the Biolage Fortethérapie by Matrix $ 23.

If you have naturally dry hair, you should use a deep hair mask once a week. You can choose Nexxus Humectress Hydrating Treatment $ 16 which contains keratin and strengthens the hair.

As an alternative at home you can mix two eggs and apply them to your moistened hair, you can also choose mayonnaise. After applying either one, cover your head with a plastic cap, leave it on for 15 minutes, and shampoo.

Grandmother's recipe


Half a liter of water

  • A bunch of each of these plants: parsley, peppermint, rosemary, orange blossom
  • preparation:

    Shred all the leaves together

    • Boil them in the water for 7 minutes
    • Let the mixture sit for 12 hours before using it.
    • Use:

      Apply the mixture on your hair and leave it for half an hour.

      • Rinse the water with water.

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