Tips Beauty Last Minute

Tips Beauty Last Minute
Tips Beauty Last Minute
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It's Christmas season and what you have the most these days are invitations to events: family reunions, office parties, New Year's celebrations and other occasions are the order of the day. On the other hand, what you least have is time. If you're ready to show off, you may run into some last-minute impasse. Follow these tips to find out how to fix them.

My hand went out: If after applying the base and the fixing powders you realize that you exceeded the amount and your face looks like a mask, rather unnatural, do not worry. Lightly moisten a disposable handkerchief (or cotton) with water or use a damp handkerchief and rub it over your face with gentle touches, the result will be instantaneous.

My poor feet: We all love to wear new shoes on the day of an important event and more if it is a pair of beautiful heels. As much as possible, buy them a few days in advance and wear them for a couple of hours a day when you're home to soften them up. If you decide to wait until the last minute, leather shoes will always yield if you dab a little petroleum jelly on the inside. In case the flies, put a couple of band-aids on the heel to avoid hurting this area.

My hair is like dead: If you want to add shine to your hair, wash it normally and give it a final rinse with soda water (seltzer water) that will leave it silky and shiny.

Loose skin: No one, not even the beautiful Hollywood celebrities, has perfect skin. As we are our worst critics, it is normal that the day of the event we notice that the skin of our legs is "looser" than normal. Applying a little spray lacquer will give them the impression of firmness you want. Do not apply any other type of product once you have the lacquer.

Dizziness: If you're one of those who gets a little nervous before an event and suffers from mild nausea, calm them down by sucking the juice from a quarter of a lemon.

Tired eyes: If you did not manage to sleep very well the night before the event or if the flu is on the way and the area around the eyes is somewhat swollen and tired, you can choose two home remedies: tea bags moistened in warm water, or a few slices of fresh potato. Both have the effect of deflating and refreshing the eye and eyelid area.

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