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Makeup Mistakes
Makeup Mistakes
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"There is no ugly woman, but poorly groomed", this saying seems to be more real every day, as the makeup industry develops by leaps and bounds offering women a huge variety of products for all needs. Whether you want to cover small imperfections, make your lips look more voluptuous, open your eyes or make your cheeks look more marked, you have countless products at your disposal. Keep in mind that there are certain mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to makeup so that your best ally does not become your enemy.

Sleeping with makeup on

The number one mistake women make is falling asleep with makeup on. Do not let laziness or inattention serve as an excuse to fall asleep with your makeup on. Your skin will not be able to breathe, recover new cells and will dry out as a result of this neglect. Under no circumstances should you go to bed with your makeup on.


"Everything in excess is bad" applies perfectly to makeup. It's about you saying your beauty, not that you look like a clown. The best thing you can do is choose a part of your face that you want to give more importance to. If you want to show off your lips, apply a striking color and avoid recharging your eyes. If you want your gaze to be noticed, apply a shade tone that goes with the color of your eyes, a good eyeliner and for your lips a shine of a neutral tone.

Choose the occasion

If it is true that the range of colors that exist in terms of makeup is inexhaustible, that does not mean that: one, they all come together to your skin tone; two, be conducive to any occasion. Unless it's a costume party, there's no need to walk in broad daylight with overloaded metallic makeup. The same if you apply very faint makeup to go to a party at night, it may end up getting lost.

Base on dry skin

Regardless of the base brand you choose, none will look good on dry skin that is showing off its little bodies. To avoid them, exfoliate your skin regularly and use a special face cream for dry skin.

Don't clean your tools

Just as you wash your cutlery, the water bottle that you take to the gym and the bathroom towels, among others, you should also clean your brushes and brushes regularly. Bacteria, grease and impurities also build up on your makeup tools, so it is recommended that you wash them every two weeks with a mild shampoo and allow them to dry completely before storing them.

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