Spring Makeup Trends

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Spring Makeup Trends
Spring Makeup Trends
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It is one of the shades that is having more presence in the spring shadow compacts, and now we see it once again in the new and beautiful limited collection Pure Color Topaz, by Estée Lauder. Why do we highlight it? It is an avant-garde collection that uses unexpected colors such as yellow and green, and because it is both bold and subtle. They were, in addition, the makeup colors used in the Derek Lam spring show, where it was possible to complement the minimalist fashion with a warm look of glowing eyes accentuated with yellow, defined and slightly tanned cheeks, and lips in translucent gold. Tom Pecheux, director of creative makeup for the brand, gives us some tips on how to use the products that will be available in January:

What inspired you for this collection?

It came about when I was on vacation in Arizona, enjoying the warm sun. I thought of a woman with personality, an extraordinary healthy appearance and possessed of an element of fantasy. The colors are bold, but at the same time subtle, strong and soft at the same time.

Where is the best place to use the Illuminating Powder Gelée?

On the cheekbones, so that it reflects the same warm glow as when you are outside. Apply it first to your cheekbones and then blend the excess over the rest of the face, neck, back, neckline, in short, anywhere. I love this product because it is very versatile, it stays alive. You can also use it as an eye shadow, dry or wet.

There seems to be a return to Kajal pencils. Why are they so special and what is the best way to use them?

My personal vision for these eyeliners is to create with them a simple and spectacular eye that looks sexy and blackened in just seconds. They are perfect for outlining a powerful eye and remind me of ancient Indian images. Hundreds of years ago, women painted themselves with pigments to protect their eyes from the sun, so I think this look is very impressive and being able to update it and make it come back in this collection is just beautiful.

How do you suggest using the lip gloss in yellow?

The yellow gloss immediately brings warmth to the lip color by removing its natural pink. It will do the same for the colors of cold lipsticks, apply them on a red tone and it will turn into an orange red.

How do you recommend using the yellow shade in the center of the Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette?

Looks great on its own, but can also be used to bring a neutral color to life. Try layering it in one of the shades of taupe or brown to add warmth and depth. Yellow does not have to be scary, try to use it only as a highlighter on the brow bone, until you get used to playing with this very different shade.

What beauty technique do you consider essential for this season?

It is difficult to define. If you are a makeup expert, you don't stick to just one thing. But the focus of Spring / Summer 2012 was definitely on the eyebrows. You should focus on making them look beautifully defined and shaped.

In your opinion, should a woman always wear makeup when she leaves her house?

If you feel good, you can leave your house without makeup. I don't like rules, I like to break them. Try different techniques, such as an unusual color. You may or may not like it, but the most important thing is that you don't get stuck. Enjoy being able to explore new things and you will feel beautiful and safe.

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