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Protect Manicure
Protect Manicure
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How beautiful the manicure is! After an afternoon in a beauty session with your friends or a few hours being pampered by a professional in the salon, you have soft hands, no chicks and with perfect nails painted in the color of the season. The problem? Three days later you have a tantrum in the bathroom at work because the money and time you spent on your manicure just went to waste because two nails have already been damaged. If you want your manicure to last longer, follow these tips:

The Base- Always, before applying any nail polish, be sure to use a protective base that will not only make your preferred nail polish adhere better, but will prevent staining of your nails. Try the OPI Nail Treatment-Base Coat, cell phone screen, etc.) you must make sure to pay extra attention to them. It is important that you add an extra coat of base, nail polish and glitter to this nail area only, which will add 4 days to your manicure.

Patience- Sometimes we despair and don't wait until one coat of enamel has dried before adding the other. Ideally, wait 10 minutes between each coat. As an alternative, you can buy a nail dryer like the Uv Gel Lap Light Nail Dryer $ 22.

Wear gloves- When you are washing the china or fixing the house in general, use gloves. You don't have to be manic about it, but wearing gloves will help protect your hands and make your manicure last longer.

Keep Them Short - Although many women like long nails, the longer they are, the more they will hit surfaces that can weaken them and wear down the enamel. You should not have them excessively short, but also not very long.

Limit yourself - Filing your nails encourages healthy growth, remember to do it in one direction so that the surface is even.

Prepare your nails- If you have enamel, don't forget to remove it before applying the new one; if you don't have it, use the remover anyway, removing excess oil before putting on new enamel will make it last longer.

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