Creams Other Than Age

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Creams Other Than Age
Creams Other Than Age
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Many of our readers ask us what moisturizing treatments they should use depending on their age. It is true that our skin needs different care at different times of our life, here we tell you how to care for it at all times to obtain the best results.

In the 20s

From the care that is given to the skin in these years will determine its state later. The most important thing at this stage is to take good care of her. A good cleaning, exfoliation, hydration, toning and sun protection. You can find cleanser, tonic and moisturizing kits with which the entire process is carried out. Clinique has different lines, some special anti-acne and different for each type of skin; You can find the one that best suits your needs. On the other hand, it is important to start at this age to protect the skin from the sun so that wrinkles do not appear prematurely, the Here comes the sun brand has a special anti-aging line for the face, highly recommended at any age.

30 arrived

At this stage the first wrinkles begin to appear, with which preventive measures must be taken, with anti-wrinkle creams that must be applied especially in the eye area. Olay's anti-aging cream + serum has two effects in one product and is a very good option for the quality / price ratio. On the other hand, peeling type exfoliating products are ideal to regenerate the skin of our face and prevent the appearance of expression marks. Philosophy has an option with tripe acid for weekly use that will provide you with spectacular results.

In the 40s

At this stage there are two very important things to take care of our skin; On the one hand, we must apply moisturizers with vitamins that increase the luminosity of our face, such as Vitamin C Power Brightening Cream from Kohl's, which also has sun protection factor 25 and vitamins E and B5. On the other hand, retinol creams stimulate cell renewal and act on the collagen of the skin, giving it a younger appearance. At first glance they may seem very expensive, but there are some brands with very affordable prices that will give you a very good result, such as the Orange Daily that combines three different types of retinol and only costs wp-content / uploads / cosmetica40.jpg "alt = "

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