Avoid Dry Skin

Avoid Dry Skin
Avoid Dry Skin
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Blessed are the women who have managed to maintain their baby skin over time, with minimal help; blessed yes, but few. Although some women have drier skin than others and for the vast majority, dryness is more of a localized problem, we have several tips to take into account when it comes to fighting “sand skin”.

"Prevention is better than regret"

1- Avoid consuming caffeine, alcoholic beverages and smoking. All three are diuretic elements that will undoubtedly dry out your skin.

2- Consume water, such as a plant, your skin also needs to be moisturized. At least you should consume 8 glasses of water a day, more if you are an active person. Be careful, we are talking about water, not soft drinks, juices or others.

3- Moisturize during the bath, add a teaspoon of almond, jojoba, olive or coconut oil to your bath after you have been in the bath for a few minutes. By immersing yourself first, you will open the pores of the skin and then the oil will do its moisturizing job.

Makeup, less is more

4- You must be aware of the environment, protect your skin from the effects of the sun with a good protector, apply moisturizer regularly, avoid exposing yourself (as much as possible) to drastic changes in temperature.

5- Opt for water to the climate, when you bathe choose water for the climate or cold or limit its duration since hot water dries the skin. Limit washing your face to once a day, preferably before bed.

6- Exfoliation, old skin looks more tired and dry. Using a scrub for your face and body at least once a week will go a long way toward making your skin more moisturized.

7- Choosing the ideal moisturizer for you will depend on whether you have allergies or not, if you like natural ingredients or are more inclined to strong aromas. Choose to use moisturizing oils and creams after bathing and carry a small version with you for your bag so that you can apply it when necessary throughout the day.

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