How To Make Your Glutes Look Bigger (VIDEO)

How To Make Your Glutes Look Bigger (VIDEO)
How To Make Your Glutes Look Bigger (VIDEO)

Video: How To Make Your Glutes Look Bigger (VIDEO)

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Many girls suffer from the lack of "carnita" on the back of their body. And for that reason they come to carry out exercise routines to increase their glutes.

EnForma specialists advise other techniques to show off a pronounced and sexy butt. These are:

-If in the next 2 or 3 hours of eating you do physical activity, consume a food rich in slow assimilation carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes or spaghetti.

-Do not consume the skin of the chicken and eliminate the fatty edges of the ham. Choose to consume lean meats.

-Fish is ideal for this purpose, but eat those that are in season and hopefully they are blue.

- Eat low calorie fruits. If you love bananas and grapes, do not abuse.

-When you feel hungry, increase the portions of vegetables but without dressings, sauces or oils.

Although it is very important to accept yourself as you are, it is not wrong to enhance your strengths and try to hide those that you do not like. Patry Jordan offers you some tricks to do it.

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