Learn How To Have Beautiful Hands

Learn How To Have Beautiful Hands
Learn How To Have Beautiful Hands
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We know that fashion trends change fast and depend on many factors: climate, place, lifestyle, in short, all because being fashionable has become almost a "responsibility".

As for the nails, these could not be excluded since the diversity in styles, colors and creativity often turns them into canvases, where the specialists in the care of our hands manifest themselves.

Now, currently, what is the fashion trend in terms of style? The shape? Do they wear short and rounded nails in the corners? Polished and perfect? ​​Long spike finishes?

With all these doubts and the number of alternatives we can identify the following recommendations that will make your manicure more durable and your hands look beautiful and healthy.

When we presented this article to Joaquín Manuel Vega, Puerto Rican mani / pedicurist, about his recommendations for showing off our hands as we wished, he offered us several recommendations.

“The French manicure is always a natural and elegant alternative, a classic that we can always turn to. Note that if you want to save money on your trip to the beauty salon, you can get the complete kit to do this type of manicure yourself”, Joaquín Manuel began.

As for colors to show off the nails arranged without having to go to the salon very often, we can mention:

Nude - If pastel shades were imposed last season, soft and slightly bright color triumphs for this winter.

  • Red - It never goes out of style and is suitable for day and night, it supports both a casual style and an elegant look. If you want to add a touch of originality, you can paint the half moon at the base of the nail in beige.
  • Beige and covering the tip with black lacquer.
  • Transparent varnish and draw a vertical line in gold.
  • Deep blue - Dark blue, almost black.

On the other hand, Joaquín Manuel was very emphatic that to have a good manicure we must have healthy nails and skin. On this, the expert gave us some tips and tricks to keep our hands looking healthy.

Don't go out without your hand cream in your wallet and hydrate your hands several times a day. Especially now that the cold causes them to dry out at high speed.

  • Always wear gloves when doing tasks that can harm your hands. If you apply cuticle oil, your fingers will be more moisturized and protected.
  • Avoid washing your hands with very hot or too cold water. It is convenient to use neutral or glycerin soaps and start with warm water ending with cold water. Dry them very well, if they retain moisture then they will tend to dry out more.
  • When we talk about exfoliating the skin, it is not only the face, but your whole body; in this case, the hands. “Exfoliate the skin of your hands as you do with that of the face. In addition to making the dead cells come off, you will be able to improve their circulation, giving them a more renewed appearance”, mentioned Vega.
  • Always apply a base before painting your nails. Try to make it a base that hydrates them, at the same time that it corrects the possible stretch marks on its surface.
  • Although gently, polish your nails once a week, their shape and length can also take years off of you.
  • Learn how to select colors. The creamier shades hide the imperfections of the nail surface and the metallic ones can highlight them.

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