How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

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How To Have Perfect Eyebrows
How To Have Perfect Eyebrows
Video: How To Have Perfect Eyebrows
Video: HOW TO GROOM + SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS! (super easy + at home) 2023, February

You can do it! You can make your eyebrows look wonderful, groomed and perfect with these simple tips that beauty blogger Annie Barrios gives us, through the Me Lo Lola channel.

What are the essential steps:

  1. Comb them.
  2. Define its shape.
  3. Fix them.

How do you achieve the perfect eyebrows?

1. Define them by making the eyebrow take up the entire eyelid. How can you do it? Bring your fingers up from your nose to your brows.

Meanwhile, if you are one of the girls with a slightly drooping eyelid, shorten your eyebrows

2. Manage to follow the natural shape of the eyebrow, and that they go according to your face.

3. Frame them using a shade darker than your brow color. Do not overdo it when applying makeup.

4. Use pencil or special shadows to do it.

To find out the rest of the tips to make them look spectacular, watch the video. You will be beautiful. And remember never to overdo it;)

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