What You Should Know About A Salon Before Becoming A Mani / Pedi

What You Should Know About A Salon Before Becoming A Mani / Pedi
What You Should Know About A Salon Before Becoming A Mani / Pedi
Video: What You Should Know About A Salon Before Becoming A Mani / Pedi
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Have you ever started to analyze the nail salon where you are going to fix your hands and feet? That is, do you consider it a safe place, where you are not in danger of contracting a disease due to lack of hygiene? Have you noticed that the odors of chemical products are very strong? The techniques do not Do you offer service options?

If you haven't considered the above, I want you to know that you are probably exposing your hands and feet to the wrong person or place.

We talked about this with Joaquín Manuel Vega, a manicure and pedicure specialist, and he made the following warnings.

“Today we see nail or beauty salons on almost every corner. However, unfortunately not all the salons meet the qualities that we must take into account when we are going to give them our hands and feet so that they can be fixed,”said Joaquín Manuel.

Regarding the precautions that we must take into account, Vega listed the main ones.

In the United States, you must ensure that the owner has an operating license issued by the corresponding state and the manicurists / pedicurists have their current accreditation and license.

“However, it is very important that you know that even if they have their permits and licenses up to date, there are other very important details that you must watch to see if this is a safe place,” continued Joaquín Manuel.

The tools they use. To protect yourself from accidental exposure to diseases like hepatitis, make sure that scissors and nail clippers are disinfected after each use and that only disposable files are used.

  • As for the pedicure, make sure the tub your feet are placed on is clean and properly sanitized. “If they are not well cleaned, the tubs where you place your feet when doing your pedicure are a breeding ground for germs. This occurs especially with those that are of the Jacuzzi or massager type, since the dead skin is trapped. Make sure these are properly disinfected.
  • In these rooms the smells of the products are generally very strong and in some cases toxic, make sure that it has good ventilation. “Exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals is harmful to the body. If you feel that the smell of the enamel is very strong, you better give up. You can evaluate this if your eyes water when entering the premises”.
  • Also with the tools and equipment they use. “A germ toolkit can transmit disease and fungus. In addition, some utensils such as sponges or files accumulate the dead skin of other people, so they should only have a single use. To avoid all of the above, I always strongly recommend that you bring your own tools.”
  • Examine the skill level of the technicians. Most nail professionals are trained in the basics; however, with the new trends try to choose a salon where they offer you the news and new manicure or pedicure techniques. That is, materials, colors, styles, etc.
  • Speaking of colors and materials, the expert recommended us to use our own products. "If you can, it would be nice to always wear your nail polish, ideally a non-toxic version."
  • Examine the hygiene of the room in general. “The state of cleanliness of the place is going to tell you a lot about the standards of the place. The basic places that you should consider in addition to the aforementioned, equipment and tools, are the bathroom and the corners”.

Remember in your next appointment to fix your hands and feet to examine all of the above because if the room fails in any of the previous points, you should consider changing places. Health is not played.

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