How To Look Plump And Healthy Lips

How To Look Plump And Healthy Lips
How To Look Plump And Healthy Lips
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Much is said about the eyes as the center of attention on the face. They definitely are; However, when it comes to the sensual part of the face, it is indisputable that it is the lips.

These are one of the most sensual and delicate areas of the face, and we must take care of them according to the season of the year, because they are also affected by changes in temperature.

About how we should take care of the health of our lips, we spoke with Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, the beauty alchemist, a leading specialist in facial care, owner of Biobell Oriental Medspa in Miami.

"To show off healthy and attractive lips, we must offer them the proper care and with some makeup tricks we can achieve lips with a smooth, uniform, healthy and sensual appearance," explained the specialist.

Regarding care, Pedrozo emphasized the following points:

Keep them hydrated and nourished outside and inside

The first thing you have to do to make your lips look healthy is to hydrate and nourish them. You do this with products like lip balms made with natural ingredients.

It is also recommended that you hydrate yourself inside, drink plenty of water, at least two liters, and try to consume moisturizing foods with a high water content, such as fruits and vegetables; for example, melon, watermelon, cucumber, chayote, and jicama.

Exfoliate them and protect them from the sun

Yes, the lips should also be exfoliated. Exfoliate your lips regularly to remove dead skin and cells; In addition, this procedure will help you reduce stains and blemishes.

"The procedure is very simple, you can do it with natural products such as brown sugar and olive oil, or with products designed for this purpose," Pedrozo explained. You can exfoliate them once a week. Pass the mixture through the lips with your fingers, while making small circles, do it gently so as not to hurt or irritate the skin, it will not take more than two minutes. Then rinse your lips with warm water and apply a lip balm.

All of the above is very important to do regularly, but more important is to apply sun protection. "Remember, we must make sunscreen our best ally, " emphasized the doctor. “Invest in products that have sun protection, in summer it is common that we expose ourselves more frequently to the sun, which dries out the lips. Take care of your lips with lipsticks or balms that have sun protection."

As for the type of makeup that we should use to show sensual lips, we spoke with the celebrity makeup artist Mariela Bagnato, who gave us some very good tricks that we can apply ourselves.

To improve the appearance and duration of lipstick

If what you are looking for is that your lips look more voluminous and that they look more sensual, Mariela recommended us to apply a base of a slightly darker color in the contour and a lighter one in the center of the mouth. This optical effect will make your lips steal all eyes and make the lipstick last longer.

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On the other hand, learn how to use the lip liner. “The lip liner is an excellent product to define the contour of the lips and also serves as a base for the lipstick, choose the closest shade to the lipstick you are going to use. This trick will help you to make the color of your lips look more powerful and your makeup is more durable, "said the makeup artist.

Well-painted lips and the rest of the makeup give the finishing touch to the look

"To make your lips look more sensual and hydrated, choose to use lipsticks that have a creamy or glossy finish," Mariela recommended. "The tone of the product can vary according to your style and the rest of your look," he added.

Now, keep in mind that you must balance your lips with the rest of your makeup. “If you choose a discreet lip color, you can highlight the eyes more; But if you prefer a vibrant lipstick, opt for a discreet makeup for the eyes. The cheeks can have a color similar to that of the lips, as long as the makeup does not look too heavy, "said Bagnato.

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