Dolls And Perfume Of Nuestra Belleza Latina Launched

Dolls And Perfume Of Nuestra Belleza Latina Launched
Dolls And Perfume Of Nuestra Belleza Latina Launched
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To celebrate 10 years of the Nuestra Belleza Latina (NBL) contest, the Univisión chain launched a perfume and a special edition of dolls, NBL Dolls, inspired by the Latin woman.

“During NBL's past nine seasons, we've heard the stories, dreams and aspirations of dozens of inspiring young Latinas. Only this season, we can see the hard work and sacrifices of the participants and that their confidence, tenacity and aspirations have helped them overcome many obstacles in life, "said Ignacio Meyer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Univision Communications, Inc, through said statement.

The dolls, which are available in gala dress and swimsuit, were created by the company Joynet International Ltd.

"All of these stories that are easy to identify with and what each product represents offer a unique connection between our brand, our audience, and Latinas in this country," adds Meyer.

Although the six dolls do not represent any specific ex-show queen, they are inspired by the show's contestants, young Latinas with dreams to fulfill. The dolls are:

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Sweet: Medical student who wants to improve children's health.

Yaritza: Curious young woman who wants to be an investigative reporter.

Sol: Fashion blogger who aspires to be a businesswoman.

Niki: Bicultural actress who dreams of being a movie star.

Odalys: Born in the United States to immigrant parents, she is very active in her community and aspires to a career in government.

Paola: She overcame bullying, aspires to be a model and wants to be a positive example for girls and young people.

The perfume, meanwhile, combines notes of pear and neroli, with red roses, freesias and lilies of the valley, contrasted with patchouli and sandalwood. The fragrance was created by the company Zermat International.

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